The Skinny:
Most authentic wood-fired brick oven; amazing wood-fired flavor; large capacity oven for versatile cooking; well-built with quality materials; made in the USA.

Things To Love:
Chicago Brick Oven pizza ovens are modeled after traditional brick ovens designed with modern materials. The oven has an igloo-shaped dome which is a one piece design. The dome is made of refractory cement, a durable material that has excellent heat retaining properties. The relatively low height of the dome forces heat to roll around inside, generating even heat throughout the oven. This creates a heat vacuum, concentrating the heat, where it will rise up to nearly 1,000° F. Staying true to an authentic brick oven, your food is cooked in the same chamber as the fire. This in-chamber cooking method will give your food more wood-fired flavor than other ovens with separate cooking and fire chambers.

There are two different oven models, the 500 & 750 series. The 500 series has a 29x23 inch cooking surface, while the 750 has a 41x28 inch cooking area. Both ovens can cook several pizzas (among other foods) at the same time.

One of Chicago Brick Oven's greatest benefits is its cooking versatility. For example, start with appetizers (roasted garlic, jalapeno poppers) and then on to the main course (pizza, chicken, steaks) and then as the temperature starts to wane, bake breads and/or finish with your favorite dessert (cookies, cobbler, cakes).

Things To Consider:
Before you can start cooking, this oven must go through a process called curing. This involves slowly heating up some charcoal and letting it burn in the oven. You'll want to go through your entire 15 lb bag of charcoal, and this process can take up to a day.

As with most wood-fired ovens, it will take some time for the fire to get hot enough for cooking. The oven works best when you start with a small fire and slowly add to it. You'll know the oven is around 700° F when the inner walls turn from black to a whitish gray. This is the optimum temperature for most types of cooking. Plan on allowing for an hour or so for the oven to reach this stage.