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BBQ Gadgets (25 Items)

Grilling Gadgets

Throwing down over a flaming-hot gas grill doesn’t have to be mad science. But it can be.

With BBQ gadgets like these, your outdoor kitchen can become your very own workshop of wagyu! Your sanctuary of sizzle! Don that thick pair of insulated rubber food gloves! Plug up that digital BBQ temperature regulator kit! Where’s a lever to pull? When’s the next crackling crescendo of lightning? All you need is the lab coat — sold separately! (As in, sold elsewhere. Unfortunately, the decision-making committee considers a villainous BBQ lab coat “off brand.”) Did you know some genius built a light into a spatula? Now your searing science doesn’t have to stop at sundown!

Ever used a Looftlighter? You can't convince us mad science wasn't involved in that. Wielding that awesome electric charcoal firestarter can make anyone feel amazing! Armed with cool grill tools and BBQ gadgets like these, you can be the grilling supervillain master of your dreams. Every mad scientist needs proper equipment, right? Try one of those aforementioned BBQ regulators on for size — perfect for everyone who can appreciate “set and forget” cooking (otherwise known as "everyone"). Shredding your latest creation into a plate of pulled pork? Live your best life with stainless steel meat claws. Want a fork that’s a thermometer? Who invented that? Well, we have them, and you can have them too!

Most people find grilling relaxing. Others find it an adventure. Try some unique grilling tools and barbecue gadgets today, and we’ll see what kind of adventure you come up with. Just don’t try to build a BBQ grill into a DeLorean — they didn’t have ocean-proof aluminum kamados in the past!

Eager to be your very own cookout champion? Our in-house experts are constantly updating our very own Grillabilities℠ articles, teaching you the skills to grill! Our goal? To take any newcomer from first taste to first place with competition-level execution — and to teach our loyal grill masters out there a few new tricks. Any questions about these products (or anything else we offer)? BBQ specialists are waiting to answer your call — give them a ring at 1-877-743-2269.