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Grill Racks (49 Items)

Grill Racks

In any type of grill, the grates are usually your best friend. They’re where you lay your food down to rest over a bed of coals or the flickering flame of a gas burner, and they create art with bold sear marks and an almost-musical sizzle. But sometimes your grill grates get spread too thin (your wife did tell you that shopping spree in the meat section was a bad idea) or just aren’t the right tool for the job that day. That’s where a set of grill rack accessories can be your new best friend.

Whether you simply want more space inside your grill or need a specialized accessory for a certain type of food to expand your cooking versatility, BBQ racks are worth having on hand for every cookout. Trying to make jalapeno poppers that stay in one piece and don’t slip through the grates? Yep, there’s a grill rack for that. Your culinary muse whispered in your ear that grilled oysters are on the menu tonight? BBQ racks have you covered on that, too. There are even grill rack accessories for s’mores! When you stop and think about it, your grill is sort of like a campfire in a box.

Rib Racks

Smoker rib racks are must-have items for the low-and-slow crowd. These accessories maximize space by holding your dripping ribs upright, freeing more of your cooking space for anything else you’d like to bathe in delicious smoke. Think about it this way: if you’re going to take the time to build and tend a fire for hours, wouldn’t you want to get the most out of it? Smoke masters know exactly what we’re talking about.

Even if you’re just looking to experiment with some new accessories, considering adding BBQ racks to your outdoor arsenal. Your grill grates will appreciate the lightened load.

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