Victory Grills
Victory Grills

Victory Grills

Backyard BBQ champs like you know every day is full of little victories and that it's up to you to celebrate the moment, to savor the feeling — to Taste Victory. Maybe it's getting the last pack of ribeyes at the store, or the thrill of hitting green lights all the way home. Perhaps it's the look of satisfied faces around the dinner table that signifies a job well done on the grill. Or maybe it's a quiet surge of serenity when you notice friends and family mingling in the backyard, the warmth of their companionship glowing brighter than the flames of any grill ever could. Yes, victory is always there for the taking if you're willing to slow down and embrace it.

To help you relish the moments that matter, our industry-leading engineers designed Victory grills to be at the top of their class in quality, performance, and features. They're the result of thousands of grill tests conducted across more than 20 years — noteworthy triumphs in their own right that also set the stage for life's little victories. So, we invite you to look for something to celebrate every day and make time to share those successes with the people you love. Are you ready to Taste Victory?

3 Fires Ignite Our Spirit

  • Craftsmanship

    We believe building better grills balances form with function, and that quality should never be compromised.

  • Endurance

    All our grills go the distance through extreme stress testing — for some, that includes actual hurricanes.

  • Trustworthiness

    In a highly varied product class, we're in your corner as you strive to celebrate whatever little victories the day brings.

Victory Gas Grill
Victory Gas Grill
  • The Victory Gas Grill

    We've reimagined the possibilities for victory-seeking backyard cooks who value quality without sacrificing affordability. Our debut offering, the Victory VCT3BSB gas grill, checks those boxes with all-stainless steel construction, a lifetime warranty that's best in class, and unrivaled customer support — all at an unbeatable price. Memorable moments are made even easier to savor thanks to a suite of exciting features, such as the powerful infrared side sear burner that puts a steakhouse-quality sear on every cut of meat. With the Victory gas grill poised to be the undisputed champ among its peers, you'll find little victories worth celebrating everywhere you look.

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  • The Victory Gas Grill Lifetime Warranty

    Victory ships with a best-in-class, lifetime warranty on the exterior and a whopping 15 years on the internal components (grill grates, flame tamers, burners, warming rack, and so on). We even offer 2 years on incidental parts — such as the ignition and thermometers — which is double the next-best grill in this class.

  • Victory Gas Grills vs. The Competition

    We pitted the Victory gas grill against its closest competitors: Weber Spirit, Napoleon Rogue, and Nexgrill Deluxe. Learn the key differences in the materials, features, and performance these major players bring to the table — we'll let you decide who's victorious.

  • Weber Spirit vs. Victory Gas Grill: Which Should You Choose?

    In a battle of the old guard vs. the plucky newcomer, we compare everything from construction and warranties to burners and extra features. Our goal? Helping you decide which of these wildly popular gas grills is best for your backyard needs.

  • Victory Gas Grill Expert Review

    The Victory gas grill is the culmination of over 20 years of grilling expertise. Our BBQ industry experts have put the Victory through the most rigorous testing regiment known to grilling, which is why we're so confident in its the quality, performance, and features.

Victory Pellet Grill
Victory Pellet Grill
  • Victory Pellet Grill
  • The Victory Pellet Grill

    Victory Pellet Grill

    The Victory pellet grill is designed to deliver wood-fired flavor and an unbeatable suite of features at its price point to help you savor the moments that matter. With the largest pellet hopper in class by far and an equally unrivaled auger, our industry-leading engineers ensured Victory's debut pellet grill will see you through those celebrations you never want to end. An easy-to-use digital PID controller maintains steady and precise temperatures from 180°F to 500°F, while a trio of prep and storage shelves — all included upfront — make your experience that much more enjoyable. When you make time to celebrate with the Victory pellet grill, you'll Taste Victory in every bite.

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  • Victory Pellet Grills vs. The Competition

    We wouldn't name a grill Victory without being willing to see how it stacks up against the top of its product class. This comparison chart details the most important differences among the Victory pellet grill and its competitors so you can be the ultimate judge.

  • Victory Pellet Grill Expert Review

    After putting this grill through more testing than should be allowed, we're eager to show what makes it the leader among its peers in terms of quality, performance, and features. Our experts will guide you through all 3 phases to give you a clear idea of overall value.