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Bull Side Burners (7 Items)

Bull Side Burners & Power Burners

Side burners are a great way to add versatility to your outdoor kitchen. If you love to cook multiple dishes requiring different heat levels, this is the perfect addition to your BBQ island. Get the added convenience of your indoor stove right next to your grill! Side burners have the advantage of low temperature ranges that grills can’t always meet, so you can simmer side dishes on low or boil seafood on high, all while keeping an eye on your grill. Bull side burners come as either drop-ins or built-in (sometimes called slide-in). Drop-in means the burners are installed inside a cutout on the countertop with the control knobs on also on the countertop. Built-in side burners, also called “slide in”, are installed by sliding in the front face of the countertop, with the controls on the front.

Bull Single Side Burners

Single side burners make the perfect accessory for any grill. In addition to the drop-in and built-in models, Bull makes a propane single side burner designed to install on your Bull grill cart. This is perfect for those who want the side burner with the added mobility of the cart.

Bull Double Side Burners

Bull double side burners have two independently-controlled burners. This gives you the versatility of cooking two things at once, or using both burners simultaneously to heat dishes in larger or rectangular containers that otherwise would struggle to fit on a single burner.

Bull Power Burners

Power burners provide higher temperatures than regular side burners. Bull burners have 2 stainless steel burners, inner and outer, to give you the flexibility of cooking with both open for maximum heat (up to 61,000 BTUs – compared to about 15,000 for a single side burner), or using just one to simmer on low.