The Skinny:
  • Durably built from the ground up with proprietary, weatherproof designs for outdoor use
  • Brightest-in-class LED screens produce crisp, clear images visible in any weather
  • 4K UHD and HDR technology bring exquisite clarity and vivid colors to your backyard
  • Your choice of 2 series (shade or full sun) with a variety of size options to fit any space
  • Weatherproof mounts, soundbars, and covers available for a customized experience

Seura set out to blend the best of technology and design in every product, and the award-winning brand’s outdoor TVs make that fact as sharply clear as their stunning displays. Seura outdoor TVs are built from scratch and engineered with proprietary systems to thrive year-round, no matter how tough the conditions or climate. Better yet, Seura offers 2 distinct series optimized for viewing in full sunlight or in shaded areas, along with a line of weatherproof accessories to complete the outdoor viewing experience.

Of course, we had to put those bold claims to the test with our usual examination of quality, performance, and features. We believe those are the key ingredients for understanding any product’s value, so we asked our experts to get to the bottom of each factor. Their findings are detailed in this review of Seura outdoor TVs, which will bring you closer to deciding whether one of these models is right for your outdoor kitchen project.


Fully weatherproofed and designed for any climate, Seura’s elegant outdoor TVs live up to their reputation for longevity.

Seura says it put thousands of hours of environmental testing into these outdoor-rated TVs, and that’s quite apparent in their rugged quality. For starters, Seura outdoor TVs are built to resist corrosion, a major plus for outdoor applications. But it’s what’s underneath that rock-solid chassis that’s so impressive, from the thermal controls to the painstaking weatherproofing worthy of high IP (Ingress Protection) ratings. The Seura Full Sun series is IP55-rated and fully sealed to block out rain, snow, dust, insects, and even humidity; the Shade Series 2 collection carries an IP56 rating, signifying that it can withstand powerful water jets while protecting against dust and ingress of solid particles. From what we observed, those IP ratings were well-deserved.

We also came away impressed with the multi-climate design for Seura Full Sun TVs, which use a proprietary active heating and cooling system to ensure the electronic components stay operational. This allows Full Sun models to work in temperatures ranging from -40°F to 140°F. Serua Shade Series 2 TVs, which don’t include this feature, can still function between -24°F and 140°F. In addition to their remarkable durability, our experts found Seura outdoor-rated TVs to be styled with a luxury appearance in mind: narrow bezels and mirrored side panels on Full Sun TVs, and a micro-edge design that brings a sleek, contemporary feel to the Shade Series 2. Those seamless, elegant aesthetics pair well with Seura’s fully weatherproof design, proudly backed by a 2-year warranty in lockstep with industry standards.


Brightest-in-class LED screens, 4K UHD technology, and HDR capabilities deliver strikingly crisp and vivid pictures in outdoor settings.

Any measure of TV performance comes down to picture brightness, color, and clarity — hurdles that are much harder to clear in sunlight or even shade. Seura outdoor TVs were more than up to the challenge, with their brightest-in-class LED screens offering crisp, clear images and vibrant colors when observed in the proper outdoor settings. When placed in direct sunlight, the Full Sun TV we tested delivered a perfect viewing experience; likewise, the Seura Shade 2 outdoor TV presented an ideal picture in covered areas. Much of that is owed to their 4K UHD displays, which lend polished definition that practically laughs in the face of glare.

As for picture color, Seura’s use of High Dynamic Range (HDR) provides a wide range of contrasts between the darkest blacks and brightest whites. Images were as vivid as expected, with dynamic color adding a touch of realism that even some indoor displays struggle to conjure. Both Seura series performed admirably in their intended applications, but we do have a few extra notes about how Full Sun models thrive in direct exposure. Firstly, the anti-glare screen did a great job of diffusing reflected light in all 5 picture modes (ranging from full-sun to nighttime so you can always enjoy the optimal picture). We also appreciate the UV and isotropic blackout protection that ensures the display never goes dark from exposure to full sunlight.


Optional soundbars, mounts, and covers complement built-in enhancements like weatherproof compartments and HDMI ports.

From the jump, Seura makes sure every outdoor entertainer is accounted for with a variety of TV sizes: 50”, 65”, and 85” displays for the Full Sun series; and 43”, 55”, 65”, and 75” screens in the Shade Series 2 collection. Regardless of size or series, Seura outdoor TVs include 3 HDMI inputs for attaching media, along with a weatherproof compartment to house and protect those streaming devices. (This is a crucial feature, considering these aren’t smart TVs with built-in apps.) Weatherproof mounts and covers, however, are sold separately, though they serve crucial functions. Seura outdoor TV mounts are made with heavy-duty metal, fit most VESA patterns, and come in an array of styles (wall mounts, ceiling mounts, floor stands) for customized installation. Similarly, Seura outdoor TV covers completely resist mold and mildew while being proven to not crack or wear in any weather conditions.

That brings us to soundbars. Seura outdoor-rated TVs don’t have independent sound systems, so they must be paired with Seura outdoor soundbars or linked to an existing setup. (Our selection of Shade Series 2 TVs can be purchased with or without an included soundbar to accommodate either need.) These 50-watt RMS 2-channel soundbars have a front-facing design to project sound toward the viewer, plus an amplifier with an integrated Digital Sound Processor. So, how’d they do? Our experts found the resulting audio to be clear, rich, and powerful, with a range on par or even better than the competition. They’re also fully weatherproof — a perfect fit with Seura outdoor TVs, which make for a solid backyard entertainment solution in any setting.