The Skinny:

  • Handcrafted in Italy
  • No curing required, saving you time and energy
  • Patented Forninox technology provides efficient cooking

Things We Love:

Alfa has made its mark in the pizza oven industry by offering one of the largest assortments of models, including a refined and powerful Pro Series. These pizza ovens need less than an hour to reach their pre-heat temperature, meaning you can decide to fire them up on a whim or simply spend more time with people you love while cooking. Perhaps most importantly, Alfa pizza ovens come ready to use and don’t require curing, which can often be an exhausting process spanning multiple days.

Made with the Latest Forninox Technology

Pairing cutting-edge innovation with traditional cooking methods allowed Alfa to develop its patented Forninox technology that helps the oven withstand stresses brought on by high temperatures. Despite using properties of modern steel, Alfa stayed true to old-world cooking on brick when designing these pizza ovens, combining old and new as smoothly as pepperoni and cheese. Forninox technology also lets you to reach your desired temperature using less fuel.

Special Shape Retains Heat

Forninox technology isn’t the only design feature meant to enhance Alfa pizza ovens —their dome shape maintains temperature inside the oven and helps cook food evenly while also providing a classic look. Alfa also installed a refractory cement cooking floor to aid in the baking process, and ceramic fiber insulation traps heat within the oven even as you use it. With these design elements in mind, you can be confident your Alfa pizza oven will see you through every cook session.

Wood-fired Oven Gives an Authentic Taste

These pizza ovens don’t sacrifice taste for technology. In fact, Alfa built these models specifically to give you the best wood-fired flavor possible. Your food is placed next to the fire in the oven so you’ll get to enjoy that traditional smoky taste with every meal. If you’re not into pizza or simply want to use your Alfa oven for something more, don’t worry — it’s versatile enough to handle many different dishes and infuse them all with the essence of Italy.

Things To Consider:

Though the Alfa Pro Series is rated for indoor use, you’ll need to attach a separately sold flue for proper ventilation. These pizza ovens don’t come with any accessories, but an optional Alfa pizza peel set is available. If you have any questions about how an Alfa pizza oven can best fit in your space, call 1-877-743-2269 to talk to a BBQGuys expert today!