The Skinny:

  • Available in two sizes 26,000 and 43,000 BTUs
  • Wall or ceiling mount
  • Single switch, electronic ignition allows control over multiple units
  • Weather resistant stainless steel construction
  • Fully customizable installation

Things We Love:

Infrared Technology

Bromic Tungsten 300 and 500 Smart-Heat Natural Gas or Propane Patio Heaters take advantage of infrared heat, which is one of the most efficient warming methods available. Rather than heating only the surrounding air like most patio heaters do, these Bromic models produce infrared waves that travel through the air until they encounter a person or object. Once contact is made, the radiant heat will warm whatever it touches.

This all-important feature allows the 300 and 500 series heaters to convert a higher percentage of its fuel into heat and to directly warm whatever objects or people they’re facing. On top of that, radiant heat doesn’t waste energy heating the air it moves through and isn’t lost to slight wind or rising air. In fact, both of these Bromic series boast wind resistance up to 8 mph, making them ideal additions to any outdoor space.

Built with Safety in Mind

Bromic’s 300 and 500 series gas heaters pair ultra-efficient radiant heat with a safe and reliable design. When wired into smart system controls, these units feature automatic re-ignition that gives you the luxury to simply ‘set and forget’ the temperature of your heater. If the pilot light is extinguished, your Bromic Tungsten patio heater will attempt to relight the flame 3 times. If this safety measure can’t restore the flame in your heating element, the flame-failure safety control will immediately shut off your heater's fuel.

For those who prioritize convenience and durability alongside safety, these Bromic models are the way to go. Bromic offers universal brackets that let you switch between 300 and 500 series heaters with no extra wiring required, and you don’t have to worry about tampering or dirt buildup thanks to the units’ brushed stainless steel finish casing. Owners of commercial or residential spaces can rest easy knowing their Bromic natural gas or propane heaters will last for years to come.

Directional Heat

Unlike traditional patio heaters that radiate warmth outward in a circle, Bromic’s natural gas and propane models are built to evenly distribute heat to specific areas. Each 300 and 500 series heater comes with a bi-directional pivot joint that can rotate as much as 25 degrees on each side, making it easy to adjust the flow of heat. These units can also be placed on walls or ceilings using mounting kits ranging from 9 to 41 inches for truly customized heating.

If your outdoor area has a low clearance, simply attach a series-specific heat deflector to protect your mounting surface. This will also provide more weather resistance and directional heat for your Bromic outdoor heater. Your gas patio heater can even be wired into a Smart system that lets you completely control how you heat your outdoor space.

Things To Consider:

Keep in mind, you’ll need a licensed plumber or other gas professional to handle the install. If you don’t know how many heaters you will need to properly heat your outdoor space, our Free Outdoor Living Design Service is a great resource. Our experts are always standing by at 1-877-743-2269 to answer your outdoor heating questions. They can help you determine how many heaters you will need as well as the perfect layout of your outdoor space.