The Skinny:

  • Proudly produced in the USA
  • Quick setup lets you to get cooking faster
  • Cooks pizzas in less than five minutes

Things We Love:

If your belief that pizza ovens can cook only one dish has discouraged you from buying one in the past, Bella pizza ovens will make you reconsider that stance. These models let you cook steak over wood coals, sear food directly on the cooking surface, roast a whole chicken, or even bake bread! For maximum versatility, try dishes that take advantage of cedar planks, paella pans, terracotta baking accessories, or cast iron.

Bella pizza ovens are available in freestanding or countertop configurations, and they come in three separate collections with four different sizes. The smallest is the Bella Medio, which can cook three 12-inch pizzas at once on its 28-inch-by-24-inch surface. Biggest among this line of pizza ovens is the Bella Ultra and its 40-inch-by-28-inch cooking floor that can hold six 12-inch pizzas at a time. There are two mid-level models to choose from: the 32-inch Bella Grande oven that can fit four 12-inch pizzas at once, and the 36-inch Bella Grande oven that can simultaneously accommodate five 12-inch pizzas.

Premium Construction and Style

Bella placed equal emphasis on the durability and design of its pizza ovens, and it shows in every model. Available in eye-catching black or red, these ovens also possess a 304-grade stainless steel dome that looks sleek while providing sturdiness for years to come. The inside might be even better — Bella pizza oven cooking floors are made from real firebrick for authentic taste, and the interior is built to reach temperatures of up to 800 degrees and to maintain that heat for the duration of your cook.

Gets You Cooking Faster

Cooking with a pizza oven doesn’t have to be an all-day process. Bella models have a preheat time of just 15-30 minutes, and their high temperatures can fully cook pizzas in only two minutes! They also use less wood than traditional brick ovens and are excellent at heat control thanks to their high-grade ceramic cooking floors. Perhaps the best feature of these pizza ovens is that they don’t need to be cured, which is a process than can take hours or even days. You can install them in about an hour and have delicious, authentic pizza in even less time!

Things To Consider:

Keep in mind that Bella pizza ovens are designed for outdoor use only and cannot be operated indoors. Each oven comes with a convenient starter tool kit that includes both wood and stainless steel pizza peels along with grill gloves. Bella offers a two-year warranty for the oven body, floor, venting system, factory-installed finishes, stand, door, and accessories. The internal dome welds, however, carry a five-year warranty. Should you have any questions about how a Bella pizza oven can enhance your outdoor space, our experts are standing by at 1-877-743-2269!