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Outdoor Kitchen Dining Sets (327 Items)

Outdoor Kitchen Dining Sets

Cooking appliances and storage are often the first things people think of when planning an outdoor kitchen, but having a place to relax and spend time with loved ones is just as important. Outdoor living dining sets are among the best options to fill that role because they allow you to talk, eat, or just kick back and watch TV in the comfortable space you’ve strived to create. When picking a patio dining set, the most important thing to consider is your outdoor kitchen dining area. As you can see below, BBQGuys® carries a few different size options to meet just about any need.

5-piece Outdoor Dining Sets

If you have an outdoor kitchen dining area that’s on the smaller end of the scale or you simply don’t normally entertain large crowds, these sets are probably the way to go. Most five-piece patio dining sets come with a table and up to four seating options to comfortably accommodate as many people. Sets with rectangular tables, however, are paired with benches that seat up to six guests to really make the most of your outdoor living dining area.

7-piece Outdoor Dining Sets

These collections have several centerpiece options — a regular table, a table with a fire pit, or a table with a removable extension. No matter which of these outdoor living dining sets you choose, you’ll be able to seat up to six people at once for a great dinner or the big game.

9-piece Outdoor Dining Sets

Nine-piece patio dining sets are capable of fitting either seven or eight people around circular, square, or rectangular tables. Though these tables are quite large, the variety of shapes is really helpful when trying to create a design that has everything you need.

11- to 15-piece Outdoor Dining Sets

Whether you choose a collection of 11, 13, or 15 pieces, you’ll have an outdoor kitchen dining area perfect for entertaining a crowd. Depending on the set, between 10 and 14 people will be able to gather in a central area for food or whatever’s on the TV. Keep in mind that the tables in these patio dining sets are either circular or rectangular.

For more help finding the right outdoor living dining set for your backyard, give our experts a call at 1-877-743-2669.