Create an outdoor pool party room

Want to be known for your epic pool parties? Then create an outdoor room as cool as your pool. Start with an outdoor kitchen featuring a Blaze Professional Gas Grill and stainless steel compact refrigerator. Both of these items feature 304 grade stainless steel to ensure longevity.

Adding a separate outdoor party bar creates both a place for guests to mingle while mixing drinks and also a place to store glassware and spirits. A luxurious outdoor seating area with a plush outdoor rug accentuates the feeling of bringing the inside outside.

Kick the party into high gear with a chilled shot dispenser. If things get too hot, cool off with an outdoor misting fan. And don't forget - the perfect backyard party room transitions effortlessly from sunrise to sunset.

When choosing patio umbrellas, pick ones that provide shady relief during the day and twinkling lights at night. A fire urn is easy to operate and creates memorable ambiance. When the party is over, path lights will help guests find their way back home.

Cool Pool Essentials