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Cajun Fryer Portable Deep Fryers (7 Items)

Cajun Fryer Portable Deep Fryers

Few things are better than deep-fried food, and a Cajun Fryer portable deep fryer by R & V Works can help you achieve that crispy texture and delicious taste every time. These models are available in 16, 24, and 34 quarts depending on how many people you’re trying to feed, and Cajun Fryers give you the choice of up to three frying baskets. The three-basket fryer, which can produce enough food for as many as 70 people per hour, is best for heavy-duty cook sessions like tailgates or block parties. If you need to feed about 40 people in an hour, try Cajun Fryer’s two-basket portable gas fryer. The smallest model, which can satisfy about 30 hungry guests per hour, also comes with two baskets.

These portable deep fryers run on propane and are proudly crafted in the USA, and their frying baskets have stay-cool handles that give you another layer of protection when food is in the fryer. As an added safety measure, they feature a specially designed burner positioned at a 45-degree angle 6 inches above the bottom of the oil reserve to prevent batter from pooling on the heating element. Instead, it safely heats the oil without burning or scorching the batter while allowing drippings to fall to the bottom of the reservoir. This process maintains a clean oil supply for multiple uses and results in about 70 percent oil use reduction.

You can also apply a few accessories to Cajun Fryer portable gas fryers. The two-basket models can be placed in a 27-inch stand with sturdy, 8-inch wheels for portability. For those who love to deep-fry turkey for holidays or other big gatherings, a Cajun Fryer Turkey Basket will make your job a whole lot easier. If you have any questions about which deep fryer is best for you, call one of our experts today at 1-877-743-2269!