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Outdoor Kitchen Covers (43 Items)

Covers for Outdoor Kitchen Equipment

Our Best Outdoor Kitchen Covers

Nothing puts pride in your outdoor entertaining space quite like a beautiful, stocked outdoor kitchen. Whether you’ve had a tasteful BBQ island added to make a focal point for your grilling, or really put the pedal to the metal with a complete outdoor kitchen installation, two things should immediately come to mind. The first? Wow. What an outstanding job — as in, “pat yourself on the back”, and “think of all the time you’ll spend standing out here, really getting the mileage out of your new private venue.” The second? How to keep all those gleaming stainless steel kitchen doors and built-in burners looking their finest for backyard jamborees to come.

Friend, that’s where outdoor kitchen covers sweep in.

Heavy-duty, weatherproof outdoor appliance covers are designed to repel the elements that are ready and waiting to blemish those panels, corrode those surfaces, and lessen that luster down to a dull finish. Featuring branded, specially designed outdoor kitchen covers of all types, our selection is tailor-made to protect everything you need to throw at it — whether you need an outdoor sink cover or just a little something for a drop-in cooler:

  • Beverage centers
  • Side burners
  • Kegerators
  • Rotisseries
  • Trash chutes
  • And more!

It’s painless. It’s simple. Made from weather-repellant vinyl or marine-grade polyester, an outdoor appliance cover is an effortless way to extend the life of your latest, greatest polishing job. Rain, dirt, and snow are little match for a dedicated shield of branded black material — it looks great, helps preserve your beautiful investment, and is easy to zip on or off. Take our advice: Want to keep that sheen looking clean? Cover those panels.

Pro tip: if these covers are arriving late to the party, no need to fret — but you might want to try out Barry’s Scratch-B-Gone BBQ grill rescue supplies. Personally, we love the stuff. Did you know that guy has spent decades restoring actual national monuments?

Eager to be your very own cookout champion? Our in-house experts are constantly updating our very own Grillabilities℠ articles, teaching you the skills to grill! Our goal? To take any newcomer from first taste to first place with competition-level execution — and to teach our loyal grill masters out there a few new tricks. Any questions about these products (or anything else we offer)? BBQ specialists are waiting to answer your call — give them a ring at 1-877-743-2269.