Lighting your gas logs can be much easier if you have gas logs with a remote safety pilot. You can purchase useful accessories like remotes, switches, and receivers to make warming your home even easier.

To install a remote or wall switch your gas logs need a remote safety pilot, this is an ignition method for gas log fireplace sets. The safety pilot valve connects to the gas log set and uses a button igniter and pilot light to control the flames and has the added option of installing a remote or wall switch to make the process even easier. The safety pilots on remote-controlled ignitions have a battery-operated transmitter and receiver. They also have a manual override knob attached to the safety pilot so that even if you lose your remote, you can still manually operate the gas log’s fire.

There are 3 types of remote-controlled ignitions: Basic On/Off Remotes, Variable Flame Remotes, and wall switches. A remote is a device you can use to control your gas logs in the same way you use a TV remote. It enables you to ignite the fire while you relax across the room. Each remote has a varying number of functions with the most basic functions being “on” and “off.” Variable flame pilot kits have the added feature to adjust how high or low the flames burn. The receiver for the remote will also have a switch to manually ignite the flames just in case you lose the remote.

A wall switch is another option for lighting your gas log set. These are installed by a certified electrician and work as easily as a light switch. They can perform the same functions as a remote but a switch is permanently mounted to a wall.

A receiver is a device you connect to your pilot kit that enables the gas log ignition to communicate with a remote or switch. Without this, neither a remote nor a switch will work with your gas logs so make sure you buy one that is compatible with both your pilot kit and the remote or switch you choose to buy.

For more info, see our gas log fireplace control & ignition methods video or if you have any questions call toll free at 1-877-743-2269 and let one of our customer service representatives help you out.

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