The Skinny:

  • Lynx is a name you can trust
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Uses infrared technology to heat up quickly and cook evenly

Things We Love:

Lynx, a respected brand name in the grilling industry, put its innovative efforts into making a powerful pizza oven with several advanced features. Additionally, this American-made model can be built in to an outdoor kitchen, rested on a countertop, or placed on a freestanding cart. With a few different configuration options, you should easily be able to find a spot for one in your outdoor kitchen.

Gas-Fueled Oven Heats Up Quickly

Because it’s powered by either propane or natural gas, the Lynx Napoli pizza oven heats up faster and requires less attention than wood-burning units. Its temperature ranges between 300-750 degrees Fahrenheit, but you’ll want to target a 700-degree preheat for pizzas. Speaking of pizzas, this model can fit a pizza as large as 18 inches on its 400 square foot cooking surface. Rather than the direct flame burners found in traditional pizza ovens, this Lynx unit has side-positioned infrared burners that boast 40,000 BTUs. The infrared heat they produce is expertly trapped inside the dome-shaped interior made of refractory material, ensuring the oven retains as much heat as possible while cooking.

Beautiful and Stylish Design

If you already own a Lynx product, this pizza oven will perfectly complement its design and style for an integrated outdoor kitchen. If not, the Napoli oven will elevate your outdoor space anyway! It sports stunning internal halogen lights and external blue LED knob lights that let you see what you’re cooking any time of day or night. The hand-polished, mirrored edges of the oven’s 304 stainless steel body make it one of the most attractive and eye-catching pizza ovens out there.

Convenient and Easy to Use

Not only is the Lynx Napoli efficient and stylish, but it’s also simple to use while still operating like a traditional pizza oven. You have easy access to your food thanks to the pull-out cooking surface and removable front door, which seals the oven tighter than a traditional door with hinges. The chimney top is even reversible and can vent to the front or back of the unit, allowing you to control where the smoke exits depending on your space and the placement of guests. For added convenience and storage, the cart-mounted option features three drawers, a sliding shelf, and a cabinet.

Things To Consider:

Lynx offers a lifetime warranty for the Napoli pizza oven’s burners and stainless steel bodies. The valves and refractory dome are covered for five years, and all other parts carry a two-year warranty. Lynx will also repair defective parts under warranty for one year. As a bonus, the Lynx Napoli comes with an included pizza peel. If you have any questions about this model and how it can fit into your outdoor space, call one of our pizza oven experts today at 1-877-743-2269.