The Skinny:

  • Sleek design with a glass-ceramic cover
  • Wind resistance over 12 mph
  • Available in two sizes 23,600 and 39,800 BTUs
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Single switch, electronic ignition
  • Control one or multiple units; Weather resistant stainless steel construction

Things We Love:

Extremely Wind Resistant

Bromic Platinum 300 and 500 Smart-Heat gas patio heaters are built to perform in the elements. With the strength of their glass-ceramic covers, these models can remain lit in winds up to 12 mph, which is the best wind resistance of any Bromic heaters. You can further improve the weather resistance of these outdoor heaters by adding a heat deflector tailored to each series. Heat deflectors also protect walls and ceilings from the warmth being emitted by your patio heater while helping to control directional heat.

These units can withstand such strong wind mostly because of the infrared radiation that produces their heat. Infrared waves move uninterrupted through the air until they warm people and objects in the exact same way the sun heats our planet. This heating method makes the 300 and 500 series more efficient than standard patio heaters that heat only nearby air and are highly vulnerable to wind.

Sleek Design

Though patio heaters are usually intended to be hidden from sight, Bromic gas models can quietly add a contemporary flair to your outdoor space. You can place them virtually anywhere with easy-to-use mounting kits that range between 9 and 41 inches, so you don’t have to worry about squeezing heaters into your design plans.

Rather than the distracting glare created by standard patio heaters, the soft amber glow given off by these units is sure to enhance the atmosphere of any commercial or residential space without sacrificing performance. Bromic Platinum gas heaters, which are available in both 22- and 29-inch models with a stylish black finish, prove that durable stainless steel can also be sleek. Whether these heaters are clearly visible or tucked away in a corner of your outdoor space, your guests are sure to find them aesthetically pleasing.


We know your outdoor living area is a huge investment, and that’s why you should choose an ultra-safe heating option like Bromic’s 300 and 500 series gas heaters. In addition to their outstanding wind resistance and beautiful design, these models were made to give you a simple and worry-free outdoor heating experience.

For example, hooking up your patio heater to Bromic’s smart system will allow you to 'set and forget' it thanks to its automatic re-ignition feature. If the re-ignition fails, you don’t have to worry — these models also include flame-failure safety controls that will quickly shut off the heater to keep gas from being wasted and ensure the safety of your guests.

Things To Consider:

Keep in mind, you’ll need a licensed plumber or other gas professional to handle the install. If you don’t know how many heaters you will need to properly heat your outdoor space, our Free Outdoor Living Design Service is a great resource. Our experts are always standing by at 1-877-743-2269 to answer your outdoor heating questions. They can help you determine how many heaters you will need as well as the perfect layout of your outdoor space.