The Skinny:

  • Completely weatherproof and able to withstand extreme temperatures
  • 4K HDR Screen provides a better, brighter picture
  • Full-shade compatibility is ideal for covered patios

Things We Love:

SunBriteTV Veranda Series Outdoor TVs are as stylish as they are innovative. Featuring a completely weatherproof, thin and sleek enclosure that protects your television from not only weather elements, but makes it resistant to physical damage as well. Now you can watch your favorite TV shows from the comfort of your outdoor patio.

SunBriteTV’s Advanced Image Technology

The Veranda series has one of the largest color ranges, which creates an image that is 50% brighter than a regular indoor TV and offers deep contrast and vivid colors, giving you the most realistic picture. The 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) screen features an LED backlight which improves viewing in outdoor environments—one of the best pictures in outdoor TV technology!

Sleek Weatherproof Casing Means Maximum Durability

A slim, streamline designed weatherproof enclosure made of tempered glass means that your outdoor TV is protected from whatever life throws at it. This is perfect for families with small children who like to play outside. This casing is what protects your TV from the elements and makes it weatherproof. The Powder-coated and rust-proof aluminum casing keeps the internal parts protected from any kind of environment. Whether it’s rain, snow, sleet, humidity or salt air, your TV can withstand extreme weather in every season.

Weatherproof Media Center Gives You Access to Your Favorite Streaming Devices

A spacious area specifically designed for media features an advanced weatherproof cable entry structure with thick gaskets that seals out moisture. This allows you to use your favorite streaming devices such as AppleTV or RoKu with your outdoor TV. The Veranda series also comes equipped with built-in 20-WATT speakers as well as a weatherproof remote, so you’ve got everything you need to enjoy your SunBriteTV Veranda TV.

Recommended for Full-Shade Installations

The Veranda series is best in areas with full shade, meaning that they should be placed in a shaded area in your outdoor living space such as under a covered patio or screened area for optimal viewing.

Things To Consider:

Since this area is meant for shady areas, it will not be visible in full-sun. It must be placed under a covered area and is not ideal for pool-side viewing. Also, since it is not a Smart TV, additional media devices are required for viewing your favorite apps such a Netflix. A weatherproof remote is included.