The Skinny:

  • Protected from extreme heat and cold, humidity and salt water
  • Durable protective enclosure is impact-resistant
  • Ideal for partially sunny areas such as patios or decks

Things We Love:

The SunBriteTV Signature 2 Series is designed for areas that are partially shady. They can withstand a large temperature range and are resistant to physical damage. The Signature 2 Series also features a picture brighter than most indoor TVs with more resolution.

Engineered for Full Exposure - It Can Withstand Extreme Heat and Cold

The Signature 2 Series comes equipped with a durable and protective aluminum casing that can withstand temperatures ranging from -24 up to 122 degrees and protects the TV from any kind of weather including rain, snow, saltwater, and humidity.

Designed for Partial Sun Exposure

This series can be viewed in partial or full shade. It is bright enough to be visible with some sun, but not enough to be viewed in full, uncovered sun. It is best viewed in a patio or other partially shady area.

SunBriteTV Signature’s Outstanding Picture Technology

With LED-backlighting and a picture that is 3x brighter than a typical indoor TV, this 4K Ultra-HD display provides one of the best, clearest pictures in outdoor TV technology. It has 4x the resolution of 1080p displays, 700 NIT brightness, and anti-glare technology. Built into every Signature 2 Series TV is a HDBaseT receiver with an Infrared repeater, which allows you to receive 4K video over a single Ethernet cable.

Durable Protective Casing

The durable casing is impact-resistant meaning it can withstand physical damage. This is perfect for families with young kids who want to play outdoors because it is able to handle impact from volleyballs, frisbees and more.

Things To Consider:

SunbriteTVs are not Smart TVs so there are no pre-set applications for streaming included. No soundbar or speakers are included. Check out our selection of compatible SunBriteTV accessories to find the sound system that best fits your TV. A weatherproof remote control is included.