The Skinny:

  • The best value for a gas grill we’ve ever encountered
  • Durably constructed from 304-grade stainless steel for years of premium grilling
  • Patented triangle-shaped cooking rods expertly channel heat for impressive sear marks
  • Heat Zone Separators and optional accessories combine for remarkable versatility
  • Best-in-class, lifetime warranty and outstanding customer support

We’ve spent more than 20 years testing and selling grills of all kinds, so we can confidently say that Blaze Premium LTE gas grills are the most value-packed models on the market.

Blaze was founded on the simple yet daring concept of offering the best all-around Premium grill at a desirable price. Nearly a decade after shaking up the grilling industry, Blaze’s core idea still lives on in the Premium LTE. It feels reductive to distill every astounding advantage of this grill series into a single sentence, but we’ll give it a try: Blaze Premium LTE gas grills provide premium-quality construction, standout cooking performance, and an arsenal of helpful features not commonly found on grills within their cost bracket. In line with Blaze’s original vision, they truly represent the total package at an unbeatable price point.

If that initial review sounds a little too glowing, rest assured that we have the data to support those claims. Chef Tony ran every test and cooking experiment he could think of to properly gauge this grill’s quality, performance, and features, and the results were consistent with Blaze’s promise of an all-around Premium grill at the most agreeable price point. We’ll review his findings from all 3 phases to show why we believe Blaze Premium LTE gas grills offer the highest degree of value in the industry today.


Commercial-grade stainless steel bodies and burners are the gold standard for outdoor longevity, even before you factor in Blaze’s lifetime warranty.

Blaze prides itself on the durable construction of its Premium LTE models, so we put them under the gun to see just how well-built they are. No, seriously — Chef Tony took readings of every component with an XRF gun, which analyzes the elemental composition of metals. The 9mm cooking rods, 3mm-thick cast Linear burner, and entire exterior of the grill proved to be 304-grade stainless steel, as advertised. We’re glad to see so much 304 used throughout; most Premium grills include some, but the sheer amount of commercial-grade material drives home just how seriously Blaze takes quality. Chef Tony was particularly impressed with the Linear burners. That degree of quality and design is typically found in more expensive models (and even some in the Luxury class), plus they’re far more durable and perform better than the welded tube burners we’re used to seeing in grills from this price range.

  • The following components all checked in as 443-grade stainless steel: the Heat Zone Separators, removable Drip Pan Baffles, 14-gauge Flame Tamers, inner lining of the hood, and interior walls of the firebox. So, why not 304 like the rest? We’ll let Chef Tony explain: “These particular parts will be involved in the flame area — a lot more heat cycling going on. (443) is just a more malleable stainless, so it will actually have a lot more durability in those particular areas.” It’s the kind of thoughtful engineering that almost makes us forget to mention the grill hood, which is double-lined to trap high heat, prevent discoloration from those searing temperatures, and last for years even in the harshest environments.

  • Blaze Premium LTE Gas Grill interior components

That such rock-solid quality exists in a grill this sleek and stylish is another positive mark for the Blaze Premium LTE. The mirror-finished control panel is especially attractive, regardless of whether the grill is built-in or freestanding. But perhaps the greatest overall indicator of this grill’s quality is Blaze’s confidence in it, as evidenced by the company’s best-in-class, lifetime warranty. Blaze covers these grills against any defects in the workmanship and manufacturing on the housing, burners, cooking rods, Heat Zone Separators, full-width Flame Tamers, control valves, and all other stainless steel components. Additionally, Blaze offers 1 year of coverage for the Ignition System and other electrical components. This warranty simply can’t be beat, and it makes us even more convinced that Blaze Premium LTE gas grills are built for the long run.


Take it from a former restaurateur: these grills never fail to deliver restaurant-quality results with every cook.

It doesn’t take Chef Tony long to recognize a powerful cooker, but he knew right off the bat that he was in for a treat with the Blaze Premium LTE. These grills are engineered for all-around exceptional performance, and it starts with the Linear burners that are rated for 14,000 BTUs apiece. (Blaze decided to toss in another 10,000 BTUs from the rear infrared rotisserie burner, just for good measure.) We’ll be the first to acknowledge that BTUs tell only part of the story when it comes to grill performance, but the total output is on par for Premium models and sets the stage for how the rest of the Premium LTE operates. For a better idea, Chef Tony conducted high- and low-temperature tests: all burners on high for 20 minutes resulted in an average temperature of 670°F, while all burners on low for 30 minutes produced an average readout of 350°F. “As far as the variance is concerned,” Chef Tony says, “it’s rock-solid.”

  • Before testing, Chef Tony was intrigued by Blaze’s patented, triangle-shaped cooking rods. They’re designed so the flat bottoms absorb heat from below then channel it upward toward a single point of contact on your food, a configuration that’s far more effective than traditional round cooking grates. Throughout his grill sessions, Chef Tony found that the triangular rods exceeded even his high expectations with gorgeous sear marks every time — in fact, they reminded him of past experiences with commercial-quality char-broilers from his restaurant days. What’s going on below the grilling surface impressed him even more: Flame Tamers made of perforated grids that run the full width of the grill. This design played a crucial role in the even heat we measured across the grill while also living up to its billing for keeping flare-ups at bay, protecting the burners from debris, and vaporizing food drippings into flavorful smoke. “They not only help by turning what would be flare-ups into flame kisses,” Chef Tony says, “but they also help with heat retention and increase the grill’s temperature evenness.”

  • Blaze Premium LTE Gas Grill 9mm triangle-shaped Cooking Rods

To test the effectiveness of Blaze’s removable Heat Zone Separators, Chef Tony attempted to sear ribeyes on one end of the grill while slow-roasting veggies on the opposite side. Both methods worked exactly as intended, illustrating just how much command grillers have over the Premium LTE’s impressive versatility. (Bonus points to Blaze for making the Heat Zone Separators removable for cleaning or when you’re aiming for one cooking style across the whole grill.) We’re also pleased to report that at no point during testing did Chef Tony have a problem with the Ignition System, which consists of a reliable Push & Turn Flame-Thrower design with Backup Flashtube & Crossover Channels. In the unlikely event this simple and reliable system fails, a household utility lighter is all you need to get the Backup Flashtube going. From there, the Crossover Channels carry the flame from burner to burner, ensuring you get to harness the Blaze Premium LTE gas grill’s serious cooking power no matter what.


With more convenient touches than we’d ever expect at this price point, it’s clear Blaze values a premium experience above all else.

Building a Premium grill all the way down to the finer details means a greater focus on features, and that’s exactly what the Blaze Premium LTE delivers. We’ll start with the first thing just about everyone notices when they take stock of this grill: the red LED Illuminated Control System that lights up each burner knob and adds a bit of flair to the cookout. Inside the grill hood, meanwhile, rests a pair of halogen lights — one for each end of the grilling surface — that makes it possible to grill well past sundown (which was a good thing, considering just how much Chef Tony cooked as part of his examinations). On the hood itself is an easy-to-read thermometer that Chef Tony found quite helpful throughout his cooking and temperature tests.

  • The highly effective Grease Management System doubles down on Blaze’s push for convenience, making cleanup as easy as we’d reasonably expect. A series of pyramid-shaped Drip Pan Baffles direct drippings onto the full-width drip pan below, and the whole system is removable for hassle-free cleaning. With cleanup taken care of, the Blaze Premium LTE grill invests heavily in features and optional add-ons to vastly improve cooking versatility. Chef Tony really appreciates the permanent rear infrared burner, optional infrared burner that can be easily installed and removed in place of a conventional burner, the rotisserie kit with a waterproof motor for operation in any weather, and the more-than-meets-the-eye smoker box. Not only did Chef Tony manage to achieve much sought after smoky flavor in a gas grill, but he was also able to use the solidly welded smoker box to cook with apple juice, beer, and wine. Throw in a removable warming rack for toasting buns or baking side dishes, and you’ve got a grill fit for well-rounded backyard chefs.

  • Blaze Premium LTE Gas Grill LED Illuminated Control System

If you choose the freestanding model instead of a built-in grill for your outdoor kitchen, you’ll be treated to a few more quality-of-life features that drive home Blaze’s attention to detail. A pair of removable stainless steel side shelves provides ample prep space, while the cart offers plenty of enclosed storage for your propane tank (with a locking stainless steel bolt for safety) and whatever else you need to keep nearby. There’s even a paper towel holder attached to the inside of the cart door, not to mention that all 4 caster wheels swivel and lock for easy movement and stability. We’d act more surprised, but we knew from the beginning to expect premium touches everywhere we looked. Any parting thoughts, Chef Tony? “If you’re in the market for a Premium gas grill, I definitely recommend checking this out.”