The Skinny:

  • 1,000 square inches of cooking area
  • Large-capacity wood chip tray provides six hours of smoking
  • Full stainless steel construction
  • Wi-Fi connection allows you to control smoker from your smartphone
  • Limited lifetime warranty on stainless steel housing and burner

Things We Love:

The Lynx Sonoma Smart Smoker combines the science of smoking with the unbeatable beauty of Lynx outdoor appliances. With its clean lines, polished edges, and modern styling, these smokers look great and match other Lynx outdoor equipment. Their completely 304 stainless steel bodies can also maintain temperatures between 160 and 350 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the ideal range for smoking meats large or small.

Smoking Made Easy

Smoking meats can be a slow, delicate process with a lot of guesswork, but the Lynx Sonoma gives you the power to control just about everything along the way. Thanks to the Smart Smoker’s Wi-Fi capabilities, you can take charge of the Sonoma through the touch screen on the digital control panel. The panel is protected from the elements by a recessed area within the smoker, which connects to the Lynx phone app for Apple or Android products.

The app even provides a variety of preprogrammed recipes. Once you select a recipe, the smoker will reach the necessary temperature and guide you through the entire cooking process. The touch screen also displays the internal temperatures of both the smoker and your meat via the meat probe connected to the control panel. Monitor your smoker from anywhere you can access Wi-Fi, then use the detailed graphs of your smoker and meat temperatures over time to improve future cooks!

Large Cooks, No Problem

Though the Lynx Sonoma is just 30 inches wide, it has plenty of room to smoke huge amounts of meat. The two cooking racks offer 1,000 square inches of space, enough to accommodate a 30-pound turkey or up to six racks of ribs at once. When paired with Lynx’s special blend of wood chips, the wood tray that sit above the single burner can produce six hours of smoking. Lynx has four different wood chip flavors, so you can experiment and pick your favorite.

A Perfect Addition to Your Outdoor Kitchen

Lynx Sonoma Smart Smokers can either be built into a BBQ island or placed on your countertop, so pick the configuration that works best for your outdoor space. No matter which option suits you, Lynx Sonoma Smart Smokers bring a touch of luxury and a whole new dimension of versatility to any outdoor kitchen. And if your setup already includes stainless steel appliances, even better! They’ll perfectly match the aesthic of your new Lynx Sonoma model.

Things To Consider:

To extend your smoking time to the full six-hour figure, you must use Lynx Sonoma Blend wood chips. Any other brand of wood chips will result in shorter smoke times. With the built-in and countertop models, you must maintain a few clearances from combustible materials — 4 inches from the bottom of the unit, 5 inches on the left side, and 6 inches from the rear. Remember to leave enough space on the right side of the smoker to fully extend the wood chip tray for refilling or cleaning. Even in non-combustible islands, you must allow 4 inches of rear clearance for the hood to fully open. Our BBQ experts are standing by at 1-877-743-2269 to assist you with any other questions you may have about Lynx Sonoma Smart Smokers.