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White Electric Fireplaces (81 Items)

Why Buy a White Electric Fireplace?

Whether you’re already in love with white or simply looking to get in on the trend, a white electric fireplace can give your home the fresh design element you desire. Many traditional mantels, media consoles, and even wall mount electric fireplaces come in white finishes that provide a clean, neutral aesthetic perfect for modern or minimalist décor. They’re also convenient and easy to use, meaning you can have the look you want without sacrificing warmth and functionality.

Pop of White: All About Contrast

But we know you’re really here for the style. You’ll never have to worry about a white electric fireplace clashing with your décor — when placed alongside warmer tones, it makes for a bold statement and beautiful contrast. White electric fireplaces also create a focal point for your room. Outlining design elements in white brings them to the forefront of your vision, producing a visually striking centerpiece that adds a surprising amount of balance to a space. You can easily brighten up (and warm up) just about any room with a traditional mantel, media console, or wall mount white electric fireplace.

If you’re still not sure which white electric fireplace fits your design needs, check out our picks for the year's best white electric fireplaces. And don't forget our hearth and home experts are always standing by at 1-877-743-2269 to answer all of your indoor or outdoor heating questions.