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Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces (142 Items)

Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces

We know traditional fireplaces can be a handful to maintain, which is why we offer a wide range of alternatives like wall mounted electric fireplaces. Their combination of fuel type and configuration make them much safer and easier to use all while costing less over time. For instance, mounting an electric fireplace is simple because it’s self-contained, meaning you don’t need to create an area to burn fire or arrange for fumes to exit your home. Just mount it on a wall, plug it in, and enjoy! Wall mount electric fireplaces are also cost-effective because you don’t have to purchase wood or cleaning supplies to keep them running. Additionally, an electric fireplace wall mount won’t create any smoke or smell in your home, and there’s no messy cleanup required.

Though wall mounted electric fireplaces are generally easy to use and install, there are few specific setup concerns you should keep in mind. You’ll need to decide how heat is released from the unit, whether from the front or bottom, if you plan to hang a TV over it. Recessed electric fireplace wall mounts will require you to consult a contractor for help cutting a hole in your wall. And while some wall mounted electric fireplaces can be simply removed from the box and plugged into a standard outlet, others will have to be hardwired by an electrician (these models often provide greater performance). Even with the added installation steps, electric fireplace wall mounts are a great home heating solution because they offer warmth and ambiance without giving up precious floor space and are safe to use just about anywhere.

Choose from one of the many brands we carry, such as Evolution Fires, Real Flame, and Touchstone. For more information about wall mount electric fireplaces, contact one of our indoor heating experts by calling 1-877-743-2269 today!