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All Cru Oven Models carry a three (3) year warranty on the dome portion of the oven only. All Cru Products carry a one (1) year warranty against parts and defects in manufacturing that is effective from the original date of purchase and applicable only for properly maintained Cru products. There is no warranty on the refractory brick stones. Cru will replace, free of charge, any stones damaged during delivery. Labor is not included.

Refer to the manufacturer's manual for full warranty details.

Customer Reviews (3)

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Pizzaiolo in the Making
Milwaukee, WI
★★★★★ ★★★★★ 5.0

Incredible Addition to our Cooking Arsenal

I did a lot of research before deciding on purchasing the Cru 30 - and I'm so happy with my choice! It heats up quickly and has a large enough oven opening to accommodate the cast-iron skillets and dutch ovens I use to cook other foods besides pizzas - but at the end of the day, pizzas are always the winners in our family!


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Denver, CO
★★★★★ ★★★★★ 5.0

Amazing Pizzas Anywhere!

We've had our Cru 30 for about a year now and it has been a game-changer. We have become the most popular hosts amongst our friends because of the incredible homemade pizzas we have cooked in our Cru 30. We've also been able to take it camping and to tailgates. We learned to cook other foods than pizzas - steaks and wings are family favorites. The little ones, especially, love the smokiness that comes from cooking with wood fire. I highly recommend this oven - it has been a great addition!


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Cru Ovens Model 30 Portable Outdoor Wood
Hot Springs, SD
★★★★★ ★★★★★ 1.0


I bought this product for out yearly fund raiser for our Youth Group fundraiser, Every year we spend the entire football season to raise money of our Hot Springs, SD youth groups, we are a very small town and the kids are always lacking in funding. Then on Super bowl we have a huge city potluck and fundraiser. We have a silent auction and also have three grand prizes we sell tickets for people to win. This was one of those prizes. I was cheap and not at all worth what we paid for it out of the money we raised to give to the kid, We were so disappointed in the quality. So excited to have the best for those grand prizes sadly this the most expensive and most wanted was the last one anyone one wanted. So sorry we did not just keep that money to donate to the kids


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Expert Review

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The Skinny:
  • Handcrafted, solid construction includes 304 grade stainless steel
  • Reliable and steady temperature zones offer heat peaking over 1000ºF
  • Awesome 3–4 minute pizza bake times keep the party strong all day
  • Lightweight build and small counter footprint make setup simple
  • Included pizza peel and ash rake offer great added value

With over 20 years providing outstanding BBQ products and serious grilling know-how to 1 million customers like you (and counting!), you could say we’ve been around the block. That’s how we can can say this with a straight face: there’s a mad scientist running around out there, and they’re obsessed with pizza parties. How else could we have the Cru 30 portable pizza oven? With this level of affordability and maneuverability, this is the mobile machine for molten meals.

The Cru 30 is lightweight, handcrafted, and a baking battery for any adventure beyond the backyard. Need to feed your Mediterranean fix with a satisfyingly crispy crunch in every bite? Craving the wood-fired flavor of tasty toppings swimming in a lake of gooey cheese? Want that exact sentence, but with charcoal instead? Then boy, do we have the thing for you! And if that taste tinkerer is still out there, designing fantastic pizza ovens on their way to that pizza-powered death ray? Give us a call. Seriously, we’ll get your face carved on a mountain lair if it gets us more equipment like this.


The Cru 30 portable pizza oven features 304 grade stainless steel components, intelligent refractory ceramic choices, and a completely handcrafted construction.

The best portable pizza ovens aren’t just mobile — they’re sturdy. Busting out our favorite calipers and XRF analysis guns for the Cru 30 pizza oven, we found plenty to smile about. For starters, we learned its interior and exterior walls measure in at 1 millimeter of thickness, constructed from 304 grade stainless steel. We also discovered 304 grade stainless steel in the detachable chimney (6 millimeters thick) and the removable front door (1 1/2 millimeter thick). Cue those cheesy smiles.

Chef Tony measuring pizza stone with calipers

Now, let’s talk pizza power. There’s the refractory ceramic pizza stone at a thickness of 10 1/2 millimeters — that’s excellent for a portable oven at this price point. Refractory ceramic similarly blankets the double walls of the oven. What does this all mean for you? In a word: insulation, and lots of it. When you fire this thing up, it’ll rev up and retain plenty of roasting heat. To wit, the exterior walls don’t seem to be heat treated, which screams confidence to us.

That brings us to the two biggest things we love about the Cru 30 portable pizza oven’s construction: it not only uses premium materials where they count, but is handcrafted from start to finish. We don’t exactly see this all the time, especially not in pizza ovens. While rare for the market, it’s not so for the brand; at time of writing, every Cru Oven ships from their home country of Portugal, completely assembled by hand.


The Cru 30 portable pizza oven hits (and retains) roaring hot temperatures quickly, providing reliable temperatures while baking perfect pizzas in a snappy 3–4 minutes.

To see how easily this pizza oven gets going, we measured temperatures after the first 15 minutes. Unsurprisingly, the center-back heats the fastest — but we were pleased to see it had already hit the full 900ºF mark. Meanwhile, center-middle measured 750ºF; both center-left and center-right were breathing down its neck at 700ºF; finally, center-front clocked in at 580ºF. Not shabby for a third of the recommended startup time.

Chef Tony measuring heat in the CRU Model 30 with a temperature gun

Of course, it’s a different story after a full 45-minute preheat cycle. For instance, the center-back clocked in just over 1000ºF, which is spectacular; the center-middle sizzled along nicely at 845ºF; center-left and center-right closed the gap at 820ºF; the center-front section ran piping-hot at a great 720ºF of heat. Frankly, that’s impressive for an affordable wood-fired pizza oven, let alone a portable one.

But the real superstar here isn’t speedy heating or consistent temperatures, it’s that impressive output. This oven just plain performs. With next to no issues, we steadily baked 3–4 minute pizzas for hours; the efficiency here at slinging slices of molten pizza means you won’t want to step away. And then there’s the rest of the cookbook we can throw at it: load up some cast iron cookware with salmon, sizzle stupendous steak straight on the embers, or melt that secret weapon: your family’s own bacon-topped macaroni and cheese recipe. Everything we tossed into that sweltering heat, the Cru 30 handled like a champ.


The Cru 30 portable pizza oven embodies the full spirt of portability, from the ease of moving embers to its light build and space-saving design.

Now, we’d be remiss if we didn’t talk accessories: included in the box are a handheld pizza peel and an ash rake. The latter tool, of course, makes it a breeze to reposition those crackling wood or charcoal embers, whether you’re pushing them to the back to bake pizzas or dragging them forward to broil like a pro. For a pinch of extra class, we quite love the vertical wooden handle on the front removable door; it’s a nice aesthetic touch that calls brings its Portugal roots to mind.

Chef Tony opening CRU Model 30 front door with wood handle

But we haven’t even touched on the Cru 30 pizza oven’s minimal countertop footprint and relatively light frame, sitting at a mere 33 pounds. Throw in another nod back to the removable chimney and detachable front door, and we think you’ll agree: this is an oven made to be transported easily, lugged around, and planted right at the center of the action. Considering those factors — and everything else we enjoy about this machine — and we can confidently name the Cru 30 portable pizza oven one of the best portable pizza ovens around today.

Overall Rating

4.6 out of5
High Heat
Evenness of Temperature

Questions & Answers (7)

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Can you bake bread in there too
Was This Helpful?
Hi, Gordon. You can certainly bake breads in the Cru Pizza Ovens. They are great for baking all products.

Asked by GordonAnswered by Wesley

Do you sell a cover for this pizza oven
Was This Helpful?
Hi, Kim. Cru does not make covers for their pizza ovens.

Asked by KimAnswered by Wesley

How many 12 inch pizzas can fit at once?
Was This Helpful?
Hi Angel! The Model 30 can handle one 12 inch pizza at a time.

Asked by AngelAnswered by Logan

Can this unit being portable stand on a granite counter top surface ?
Was This Helpful?
Hi, Brian. This can sit on a granite counter top. But, keep in mind that with prolonged exposure to heat, granite may discolor.

Asked by BrianAnswered by Wesley

What's the OD of the chimney?
Was This Helpful?
Hi, Colt. The outside diameter of the double walled chimney is 6 inches.

Asked by ColtAnswered by Wesley

What size pizza can you make I need one that makes a 16 inch, please
Was This Helpful?
Hi Kathy. This pizza oven can only fit pizzas up to 12 inches. If you're specifically looking for a portable pizza oven that can handle 16 inch pizzas, the Ooni Karu and Koda pizza ovens might work for you. You can find those pizza ovens here:

Asked by KathyAnswered by Ryan

Where is the correct place to stand the oven for cooking. Obviously at 900 degrees you wouldn't want to place it close to the house.
Was This Helpful?
Hi Evie. We recommend placing this oven on a stable, non-combustible surface in an outdoor, open-air space with at least 30 inches of clearance all sides from any combustible surfaces. Always insure that the oven opening has ample clearance for added safety, due to the high temperatures that can escape from the oven when the door is removed.

Asked by EvieAnswered by Ryan


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