The Skinny:

  • New SloRoller insert blasts food with smoky flavor
  • Updated 3 tier divide and conquer cooking system
  • Free accessory package included with every Kamado Joe
  • Fastest growing kamado brand
  • Excellent warranty

Things We Love

Kamado Joe is the fastest growing brand in the Kamado industry for a reason. Introducing innovation with each new model, the kamado style cookers keep getting better and better. The Kamado Joe Classic III and Big Joe III are no exception. With awesome new features like an updated cooking system, SloRoller hyperbolic chamber, and an easy-to-use Airlift hinge, these smokers infuse rich, smoky flavor to just about any food!

Updated Divide & Conquer Flexible Cooking System

Kamado Joe is famous for their patented Divide & Conquer Flexible Cooking System. It’s an impressive multi-level cooking rack design that allows you to cook foods at different temperatures, at the same time. You can also create different heat zones in the kamado with Kamado Joe's half-moon shaped heat deflector plates. The plates partially block off heat to provide both direct & indirect heat from the open flame. For example, you could cook veggies on the upper level of the cooking rack, with the heat deflector blocking direct heat from the charcoal, while a steak gets a nice sear on one of the lower levels above the open flame.

The Kamado Joe Classic III and Big Joe III has a new and improved 3-tiered split rack. With this new addition, you can opt for 6 half-moon split cooking grids with 2 half-moon split heat deflector plates, or 4 half-moon split cooking grids and the SloRoller insert. Each level can span the entire surface of the smoker, or only half. Designed for flexibility, you can configure the grates to work however you need them too – the options are abundant!

You can also use a charcoal basket with the divider. This makes it really easy to separate leftover charcoal from ash. The divider, when combined with a split heat deflector plate, allows for direct heat on one side and indirect heat on the other side. It should be noted that the Kamado Joe Classic III and Big Joe III come with a divided charcoal basket, a 3 tiered flexible cooking rack, 1 accessory rack, 2 half-moon split cooking grids, 2 half-moon split heat deflector plates and the SloRoller insert. To get the full functionality of the divide and conquer system, 4 additional half-moon split cooking grids and 2 additional accessory racks can be purchased seperately.

SloRoller Hyperbolic Insert

The SloRoller is another exciting addition to the new Kamado Joe III’s. The first of its kind, it’s a hyperbolic smoke chamber that distributes smoke and heat in rolling, recirculating waves. It’ll surround your food with flavorful clouds of smoke while also distributing even heat.

The technology behind the SloRoller is pretty impressive. It’s a hyperbolic smoke chamber, which means the sides of the SloRoller are shaped like a parabola, creating a low-pressure pocket as air leaves the opening. This causes the airflow to curve back, creating a cyclonic rolling smoke ring centered on the cooking grates. The technology behind this piece of equipment is engineered to blast whatever is on the cooking grids with direct smoke. It does a really great job of recirculation, creating up to 20 times more smoke circulation. It also gives a great wood-fired flavor and increases overall temperature accuracy inside the grill.

The inner chamber of the KJ III is 4 inches taller than the previous models to accommodate for the SloRoller as well as the extra cooking tier of the 3-tiered split rack. If you already own a previous iteration of the Kamado Joe, the SloRoller can be purchased separately and retrofitted to work with any KJ smoker. The SloRoller will replace the heat deflector plates at the bottom of the 2-tiered split rack in older models, and will limit divide and conquer functionality to a single cooking grate tier above the SloRoller.

It’s worth noting that the SloRoller is only recommended for cooks below 500F since it’s Teflon coated cast aluminum. If used at temperatures over 500F, you run the risk of degradation of the Teflon coating. Refer to your Kamado Joe owner’s manual and make sure to follow all safety guidelines when using your grill.

Air-Lift Hinge

The new air lift hinge makes lifting the lid of the Kamado Joe III’s easier than ever before. The updated hinge features a single spring-loaded counterbalance mechanism that provides an ultra-light feel when opening the domed lid. It decreases the weight of the lid by 96%! Not only does this make lifting easier, but it also lowers the chance of the lid being broken or cracked by slamming down.

Great Customer Service

Kamado Joe really caters to their customers by providing excellent customer service. Any time you have an issue, the Kamado Joe team will work tirelessly to help you figure it out and get the issue resolved. They also offer a great warranty! Ceramic parts come with a lifetime warranty. Metal and cast iron parts are covered for 5 years. Ceramic plates are covered for 3 years, and fiberglass gaskets are covered for one year.

Great Accessories

While the Kamado Joe Classic and Big Joe III come with everything you need to get grilling right away, including an ash tool, grate lifter, 3-tiered cooking rack, 1 accessory rack, 2 half-moon cooking grids, 2 half-moon heat deflector plates, SloRoller insert, powder coated side shelves, slide out ash drawer and a divided charcoal basket, they also offer some awesome accessories to enhance your grilling or smoking experience. Get the most out of your grill with optional accessories like the iKamand Temperature Controller. The DōJoe Pizza Oven Attachment features a distinct wedge-shaped design to maintain a steady temperature and make the perfect pizza. The Joetisserie can transform your kamado into a rotisserie. It can turn up to 50 pounds of chicken, pork loin, prime rib, or any kind of meat. It’s easy to install and can really amp up any party!

Things to Consider

The SloRoller is built for low and slow cooking. It shouldn’t be operated above 500F, as the Teflon coating can break down if it gets too hot. Make sure to refer to your owner’s manual on proper use of your grill and accessories.