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Twin Eagles Gas Grills  (11 Items)

Twin Eagles Grills: Grilling Perfected

Twin Eagles creates sleek, luxurious and meticulously engineered grills, as beautiful as they are high-performance. What separates Twin Eagles gas grills from most other brands is the fit and finish of their construction and their attention to detail. Each Twin Eagles grill is hand-made from high-quality stainless steel and finished with polished accents and elegant lines. Twin Eagles offers four sizes of gas grill in built-in and freestanding configurations, with an optional hidden rotisserie or sear zone so that you can tailor the grill to your personal taste. Every Twin Eagles BBQ grill features the innovative Twin Eagles Five-Part Grilling System.

The Twin Eagles Five-Part Grilling System:

  • Drafting- When you ignite the burners on your Twin Eagles gas grill, clean cool air drafts through the vents located beneath the fire box, moving heat upward toward the grilling surface. This draws the heat upward and away from the burners, eliminating heat stress, which is the number one cause of burner fatigue.

  • Direct Heat- Twin Eagles’ ceramic briquette flame tamers transmit some of the heat from the burners directly upward through specialized ports. This provides the intense heat preferred for searing, preheating the grill quickly, and minimizing the amount of gas needed to reach your desired temperature.

  • Radiant Heat- The ceramic briquette flame tamers also retain heat in the special pyramid shaped ceramic briquettes, then spread that heat evenly throughout the grill for consistent grilling results cook after cook.

  • Zone Grilling- Twin Eagles gas grills have dividers between each burner, allowing you to create different temperature zones along the grilling surface. Since drafting pulls the heat directly upwards, you can easily create a high heat sear zone on one side of your grill, while maintaining a low heat finishing zone on the other, or set up different temperature zones for different foods to cook simultaneously.

  • Hexagonal Grates- The hexagonal shape of Twin Eagles cooking grates makes them 10% more massive than round cooking grates of the same diameter. That extra mass, coupled with the supreme thickness of these 3/8-inch stainless steel rods, means that Twin Eagles cooking grates have better heat retention and transfer more heat to your food along the flat surface of each rod. The result is absolutely stunning, restaurant quality sear lines.

Twin Eagles is one of the leading names in luxury grills, and for good reason. These gas grills look beautiful, perform well, and will last for decades. Every grill is superbly engineered and lovingly crafted to ensure that your grilling experience is simple and satisfying – and your family and friends will taste that quality in every delicious bite.