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Turbo Charcoal Grills (2 Items)

Turbo Charcoal Grills

Adventurous flair. Power to spare.

Introducing the Turbo charcoal BBQ grill, a tightly -held secret in the grilling world.

The attractive, smoky flavor of charcoal barbecuing has caught fire anew in the rugged Outback. Hot, sizzling meats on the “barbie” (but never shrimp, no matter what the commercial says — Aussies like their prawns) is the backbone of Australian culture. But this culture isn’t about the company, the perfect spot, or even the food; it’s about blending groups, expanding communities, and making new friends. For a daring people, even cookouts are about the journey over the destination. Barbecuing anywhere is an experience — to barbecue Down Under is to create, to share, to bask in fresh air and fresher conversation. Maybe that’s probably why theyAustralians buy 500,000 barbecuegrills every year, why two-thirds of homes there own one, and why you’ll find at least one at practically every park or beach.

So, how does barbecuing on a Turbo charcoal grill stack up? Simply put: It’s an adventure.

Distraction-free grilling. No unnecessary shiny gadgets or failure-prone computers. When you sear grateidlines into seasoned ribeye or turn veggies on a Turbo grill, ththere’s no space under that ample hood for bad grilling habits or lazy cooking. The Turbo charcoal BBQ grill follows the timeless tradition of helping you help yourself — back to basics, at a fraction of the cost, and guaranteed to teach you better grilling practices.

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