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Post Mount Electric Grills (4 Items)

Post Mount Electric Grills

Not everyone can have a massive outdoor kitchen filled with built-in grills or a big backyard with enough room for a freestanding pit. If space is a concern for you, a post-mount electric grill might just be the best option for your outdoor area. They have a small footprint while still providing many of the same capabilities as traditional grills, and they can be moved around to fit your needs. Electric pedestal grills are also ideal for locations where gas grills or other open flames are aren’t allowed, like in most apartment complexes and condominiums.

Like other electric grills, post-mount models make it so you don’t have to worry about messy, ashy cleanup or having to buy costly fuels. Simply plug them into a compatible outlet and start grilling! We carry electric pedestal grills from trusted brands Coyote, Fire Magic, and Electri-Chef that have cooking surfaces as small at 18 inches and as large as 32 inches. Some of these grills even boast advanced features like digital controls, timers, and automatic shut-off. If you have further questions about putting a post-mount electric grill in your outdoor space, call one of our BBQ experts today at 1-877-743-2269!