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Freestanding Electric Grills (11 Items)

Freestanding Electric Grills: What to Look For

While many grilling enthusiasts have long cooked using charcoal or gas, some have begun to discover that they can achieve similar results with electric grills. These grills can often accommodate wood chips or a smoker box so you don’t have to worry about flavor, and modern electric models give you more control than ever with simple temperature management and a readily available fuel source. But standing electric grills might be the most convenient of them all because they can be placed in areas like apartments, condominiums, or balconies where open flames from charcoal or gas grills aren’t allowed. All you need to start grilling is a proper electrical outlet!

Freestanding electric grills are generally mobile and come in several different design options to fit whatever your outdoor space needs. They can be placed on a cart with wheels, a patio post, a pedestal base, or even a large stainless steel cart that will add a refined look to your patio or balcony. If you’re looking for an electric grill on a stand, browse some of our great brands like Coyote, Electri-Chef, Fire Magic, and Meco. And remember that our BBQ experts are always standing by at 1-877-743-2269 to help you find the perfect standing electric grill for your outdoor area!