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American Outdoor Grill Gas Grills (25 Items)

AOG Grills

American Outdoor Grill is known for combining elegance and power like few other brands in the industry can. AOG gas grills are built with commercial-grade, 304 stainless steel and solid brass valves that don’t take away from the beauty of their rounded hoods, contoured faces, and smooth satin finish. As the name suggests, AOG BBQ grills are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA with plenty of features to satisfy grillers everywhere. Perhaps most notable are the U-shaped burners, which provide a high level of performance backed by a lifetime warranty. Below are a few more things we love about AOG grills:

  • Stainless steel cooking grids
  • Heavy-duty warming rack
  • Funneled grease management system with a slide-out drip tray for easy cleaning
  • Stainless steel vaporizer panels produce even heat and minimize flare-ups
  • Custom-designed thermometer has a beautifully polished bezel

In addition to their many benefits, AOG gas grills are also versatile in configuration. They’re available built-in, on a cart, or even mounted on a pedestal depending on your outdoor kitchen needs. If you decide on a built-in AOG BBQ grill to place in a combustible island, you must also get an insulated jacket for safety. You can also add a few AOG outdoor storage components that match the grill in both style and durability, or purchase accessories like grill covers, sear burners, or conversion kits. But your AOG grill will still be the main attraction in your outdoor space, whether it’s from the AOG L Series or AOG T Series.

AOG L Series

These AOG gas grills come with an electronic push-to-start system that doesn’t require batteries, allowing you to fire up the pit in no time. Their interior halogen lights for nighttime grilling are also controlled by a simple button, though they need 120-volt AC power to operate. Additionally, the black-flared front knobs of AOG L Series grills offer both a pleasing aesthetic and precise temperature control.

AOG T Series

While this line of AOG BBQ grills doesn’t have lighting or electronic push-to-start capabilities, the easy push of a button results in Rapid Light piezo ignition. This means no electricity, batteries, or extra buttons, lending these models a somewhat cleaner look than those found in the AOG L Series. The other noticeable difference between the two grill lines is the red flare on all AOG T Series front knobs.

For more help deciding which AOG gas grill is best for your outdoor space, get in touch with one of our BBQ experts by calling 1-877-743-2269!