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    At BBQGuys, we believe everyone is ‘one of the guys’. Here, ‘guys’ is like ‘y’all’ or ‘them’ – it’s a group of people enjoying one another’s company. And what better way to do that than through barbecue? We’re proud of our company culture & diverse but inclusive BBQGuys team. Based in southern Louisiana, we have no shortage of cultural tradition! See Louisiana through our eyes in On the Go with BBQGuys–an original series where our grilling experts take you on the road to explore our state’s incredible range of food sources, beautiful scenery, and unique grilling styles. Meet a few members of our 150+ person team and find out what it means to them to be a BBQGuy.

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Everyone’s a BBQGuy

  • Wood Rogers, Web Development Manager
  • Wood Rogers | Web Development Manager

    “Barbeque and grilling simply mean a lot to me. Growing up, Sundays always meant one thing: charcoal grilled steaks and baked potatoes with all the fixings. My mother always had a T-bone steak which was ceremoniously eyed by everyone. Almost every Sunday lunch of my childhood was spent with my father and the charcoal grill he built from a large piece of stainless-steel pipe. My parents are both gone now, but I have carried that hunk of stainless steel with me everywhere I have lived. The Sundays of my childhood are memories I will always cherish.”

  • Paris Frederick, Video Producer
  • Paris Frederick | Video Producer

    “I’ve always loved the connection & respect for food that comes from harvesting it yourself. Growing up in Louisiana, I’ve been hunting and fishing since I was young. Grilling the food always seemed to turn a regular meal into a more memorable experience. You definitely won’t find a hunting or fishing camp in Louisiana without a grill nearby. From smoked Redfish on the half shell to Satsuma marinated ducks – a charcoal grill is an integral element in the process of creating a delicious meal after the harvest.”

  • Paris Frederick, Video Producer

  • Bryan Tanner, Ecommerce Merchandiser
  • Bryan Tanner | Ecommerce Merchandiser

    “Growing up with a Dad who was a chef for the Detroit Lions, barbecue was definitely common when he cooked for us at home. Barbecue is a great way to cook for a crowd, and my Dad knew how to throw down on the grill. I have large families on both sides, so my parents were always excited to host and cook for everyone. To this day, nobody can match my Dad’s brisket. Working with BBQGuys has inspired me to step up my grilling game to feed my own family the way my Dad fed us (even though I know I’ll never reach his level). I’m hoping to soon replace his old smoker with a new kamado as a way to thank him for all he did for me and my family.”

  • Matt Carley, Online Sales Representative
  • Matt Carley | Online Sales Representative

    “A couple years back, my friend was having his first child, so his wife surprised him (and us) with a “dad-chelor” party! We rented a cabin at a nearby State Park for the weekend. We spent most of each day on the beach hanging out and relaxing. After we all got properly sunburned, we came back to the cabin to grill up some food and play board games outside on the porch until nightfall. Being surrounded by friends and the smoky smell of the grill never fails to make me happy. One time, we even got a football stuck in a tree and had to tap into our beverage supply to knock it out (It worked! …eventually). We still block out a weekend every year to do it all again, but each year we find new stories to retell for years to come.”

  • Matt Carley, Online Sales Representative

  • Jason Stutes, VP of eCommerce & Analytics
  • Jason Stutes | VP of eCommerce & Analytics

    “Over the past 15 years my weekends have changed and evolved. When I was younger, Friday nights were the focal point of my weekend. Getting through the work week and being able to hang out with friends was a highlight for me. As I’ve gotten older and started a family, my excitement has shifted to Sundays. Oh man, do I love Sundays. Meal prepping and simply spending time with my family on Sunday afternoons has become the most cherished part of my weekend now. When the sun begins to set on Sunday afternoon and the ‘magic hour’ descends, I revel in keeping one eye on the grill and one eye on the kids playing in the backyard. Everything seems right in the world – my family is nearby and delicious food is on the grill. Grilling in my outdoor kitchen gives me time to reflect on what’s important – great times with the people who are most important to me.”