Meet Our Team

It's like we've always said: being a BBQGuy is as simple as believing in great friends, awesome food, and a whole lot of fun (preferably near a grill, but we don't nitpick). Whether you're new to our grilling lifestyle or one of our loyal customers over the decades, we're all about inclusion. Grab a bottle and pull up a seat! There's always room at our table for more. But if you want to become a bona fide BBQGuy, why don't we break the ice by getting to know each other (don't worry - we'll take the lead)? From our senior leadership to our outdoor living and grilling experts, here are some of the friendly faces on the other side of this premium grilling experience.

Meet Our Leadership

We proudly introduce the BBQGuys® leadership team, dedicated to guaranteeing your outdoor life is the best it can be. Everything we do and are filters through their oversight — whether that's delivering ever better options for grill masters, supplying industry-leading support for builders and contractors, or providing more ways to bring good friends, family, and great food to the backyard. With proven track records and strong industry direction, our executives are committed to matching every BBQ enthusiast out there with their perfect grill.

  • Russ Wheeler, Chief Executive Officer
    Russ Wheeler

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Byron West, Chief Operations Officer
    Byron West

    Chief Operations Officer

  • Charlie Bini, Chief Sales Officer
    Charlie Bini

    Chief Sales Officer

  • Ron Hamilton, Chief Technology Officer
    Ron Hamilton

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Justin Petersen, Chief Merchandising Officer
    Justin Petersen

    Chief Merchandising Officer

  • Kim Carlton, Senior Director of Human Resources
    Kim Carlton

    Senior Director
    of Human Resources

  • Erin Ryan, Chief Legal Officer
    Erin Ryan

    Chief Legal &
    People Officer

  • Chase Shelton, Senior Counsel
    Chase Shelton

    Senior Counsel

Meet the Experts

More often than not, our outdoor living buying guides mention the input of our BBQ experts. Who ARE our experts? How do we define them? Well, to be honest, they define themselves — through their years of hands-on experience and longstanding relationships with the biggest brands in the BBQ business. Happen to be one of our 10,000 clients to request our free 3D outdoor kitchen design service? Erin Hopson either drew it herself or oversaw it. Ever watched our mountain of BBQ content? Then you'll know Chef Tony. Even better, most of our experts have been with us for 10 years or longer. That's a long time to talk shop around the grill.

  • Headshot of Erin Hopson
    Erin Hopson

    Outdoor Living Design Expert

  • Headshot of Alex S.
    Alex S.

    Outdoor Kitchen Designer

  • Headshot of Jennifer D.
    Jade D.

    Outdoor Kitchen Designer

Pro Program Account Representatives

When we mentioned our efforts to support builders and contractors, we had a few particular faces in mind. Assembled from the very sharpest tools at our disposal, our BBQGuys Pro Team isn't just a stable of friendly smiles: they know the industry inside-and-out, they offer top-class customer support, and they're prepared to grease the wheels beneath your under-appreciated work. So, what does this mean for you? Personal service. Exclusive pricing. Immediate access and assistance. Your very own dedicated friend on the team. For our Pro Program members, these benefits and more are a quick call away. See if our Pro Team services are right for you!

  • Headshot of Michael Hidalgo
    Michael Hidalgo
  • Headshot of Bob Eland
    Bob Eland
  • Headshot of Randy Watson
    Randy Watson
  • Headshot of Andrew Huffman
    Andrew Huffman
  • Headshot of Ty Stewart
    Ty Stewart

BBQGuys Pro Account Services