The Skinny:

  • Modern, ergonomic design
  • Hand sharpened, laser checked edge
  • Half bolster, full-tang handle
  • Perfectly balanced

Things We Love:

You won't be disappointed with Wusthof's Classic Ikon collection of knives. These knives provide the perfect cutting experience every time you use them. Wusthof's Precision Edge Technology ensures a razor sharp, long-lasting edge on all the knives in this collection. We love the feel of the handles, designed with a special ergonomic shape and perfect balance. These knives are easy to hold and you can cut for hours without getting fatigued. The seamless triple-riveted handle shells are made of a synthetic material to provide a hygienic grip that also looks great. We also love that these knives feature a half bolster allowing you to sharpen and use the full blade of the knife. Each knife is forged from a special alloy of high carbon stainless steel, so it will hold that razor edge longer than other knives. These knives will be sure to impress your guests and will look great on your counter. This collection offers a moderate selection of knives covering all of your cutting needs from chef's knives to paring knives.