Speaker, Michael Hackley
Speaker, Michael Hackley

Google Inc. Showcases ShoppersChoice.com in Economic Impact Report Unveiled at Google's Washington DC Press Conference

Google's state level economic impact report was the focus of Google's Washington DC press conference held on Tuesday, May 25th, 2010.

Google invited ShoppersChoice.com President Michael Hackley and CEO Corey Tisdale to join Claire Hughes Johnson, Vice President of Global Online Sales at Google; Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu (D); Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina; and several other company executives to discuss the benefits of advertising on the search giant and to unveil Google's Economic Impact Study. Google chose ShoppersChoice.com as Louisiana's sole featured advertiser out of 9,900 advertisers and web publishers.

According to the study released by Google during the press conference, Google's advertising service has helped businesses throughout the United States generate an estimated $54 billion in revenue. The study offered a state-by-state breakdown of Google's economic impact based on the estimated revenues of advertisers, the amount of money Google pays to web sites with Google AdSense, and the total value of free advertising given to non-profit organizations. The economic impacts in each state ranged from $15.9 million in Alaska to an astounding $14.1 billion for the state of California.

Since 2004, ShoppersChoice.com has utilized Google AdWords to reach a broader audience. The AdWords advertising platform allows small Internet companies to advertise their products against larger businesses - a feat that would be difficult with more traditional advertising. With the help of Google, ShoppersChoice.com has gone from a local Baton Rouge brick and mortar store to a profitable online business with $26 million in expected sales for 2010.

Even in the bad economic times we still grew… and we're still growing. Mr. Hackley stated during the press conference. And a lot of that is due to Google.

In addition to AdWords, ShoppersChoice.com utilizes Google TV, which allows the company to advertise on national television stations. Mr. Hackley states Google makes a drastic difference in the growth of the company. We are a true Google success story, Mr. Hackley said at the close of his speech. Anyone not doing paid advertising or Google TV is going to be left behind.