Phoenix SDBOCN Stainless Steel Natural Gas Grill Head On Black Aluminum Pedestal Cart
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Lifetime Warranty

Phoenix grills have a lifetime warranty on the grill top and bottom, control panel, stainless steel or aluminum column, deck/patio base, portable base, stainless steel shelf, stainless steel cooking grid and stainless steel fasteners. The stainless steel burner and cast aluminum drip pan are warrantied for ten (10) years. The black aluminized grill top and bottom are warrantied for five (5) years. All other components including the igniter system, gas valves and knobs are warrantied for one (1) year. Labor not included.

Refer to manufacturers manual for full warranty details.

Customer Reviews (12)

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Verified Purchaser
★★★★★ ★★★★★ 5.0

If Your Lookin, It's Not Cookin

I have been a big fan of indirect heat bbq for the past 25 years. During that time I had owned several Holland Grills and thought there was nobody in the marketplace that could build this kind of quality and performance. Holland closes its doors and along come the Phoenix grill. It has surpassed my expectations in quality of materials and cooking performance. The stainless steel is solid and the grill is well constructed and thought out. With a two knob bunker system, I can control the temperature to suit what I am cooking and the food turns out perfect every time. Indirect heat really makes it difficult to mess up that beautiful, fat steak or Saturday afternoon football chicken wings. Set it and forget it really does work with this grill. Some complain that the grill does not get hot enough to leave those desired grill marks on your meat. Not the case. However, I could not resist ordering the searer that attaches to his grill. An expensive addition but well worth it. This grill will last for years and I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys the indirect cooking method! Food is alway moist and never a flare up from grease!


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Kellogg, Minn
★★★★★ ★★★★★ 5.0

Love my Phoenix grill

Twice I have barbecued ribs on my Phoenix, they were excellent! Also, I had no difficulty keeping a consistent temp of 225 degrees ( low & slow ). I like to fill my little smoke box with wood chips and set inside. Oh so good !!!!


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La Porte City Ia
★★★★★ ★★★★★ 5.0

Best grill ever!

We bought a Phoenix grill about 30 years ago & are still using it. I am so excited to see they are still available because ours is just now needing replaced! It was pricey when we bought it & I thought my husband was crazy for buying it but soooo glad he did.


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Pinetta Fl
Verified Purchaser
★★★★★ ★★★★★ 5.0


Had a holland grill for 14 years and it was time to get another one, but they're not made anymore, so I bought a Phoenix, was very surprised, they are built even heavier than the holland! Love it!


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St. Louis
★★★★★ ★★★★★ 5.0

Great product

Took the plunge after a rusted out Char Broil. Did quite a bit of research and was intrigued by indirect heat method of cooking. Delivered perfectly, easy to follow directions, and all pieces high quality. First day cooking produced the juiciest chicken breast I've ever cooked. Looking forward to increasing my grilling. Will remain an indirect cooker for life.


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★★★★★ ★★★★★ 5.0

Perfect for what I need

This grill is exactly what I wanted. I've had every type of grill in every price range and only recently discovered that instead of a water bottle by the grill I could buy a design that eliminates flare ups and grease fires. It also excels with delicate items such as vegetables and seafood.


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DuWayne Lund
★★★★★ ★★★★★ 5.0

Great Grill

We have had this grill for about six months, we grill maybe three times a week and here in Minnesota we do it in our garage in the winter. We open the door a little and get some cross draft to help with the smoke from grilling. I was soooo tired of the flame up from all the other grills I have owned that I thought I would spend a few extra dollars and get the Phoenix. I got the all SS one due to the fact that it will sit out all summer. I am very pleased with this grill and wish I would have bought one years ago. The heat builds up quite fast and stays were you want it. I grill our steaks at around 300 deg. and that is held on the low setting (sometimes with just one burner). You cannot go wrong with this grill. I only have one question, they said the side trays were SS but my magnetic temperature prob will stick to them, it will not stick to the other SS on the grill.


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Darin Thornton
★★★★★ ★★★★★ 5.0

New Phoenix Stainless SDSSOCP

I have owned numerous grills over the years and this is by far the BEST !!!! It is far better than my Stainless Weber and Cheaper cost than a Holland. I love the NO FLARE feature !!! Buy one and you will not be disappointed !!!


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B Thompson
★★★★★ ★★★★★ 5.0


Grill was delivered quickly. It was securely wrapped and undamaged. Assembled by myself. Instructions good. Nuts, bolts and other pieces were above average. They recommend a socket wrench but I did not think this was really a requirement. Grill looks good, sturdy, well thought out. Venturies a little hard to access if cleaning is required. Have cooked dry and wet. Hard to get temp below 300 for wet cooking. But Produced an excellent Brisket using this method. Burgers very good as it sears better than I expected. Would definitely recommend.


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Verified Purchaser
★★★★★ ★★★★★ 4.0

From the ashes of my old grill, Rises The Phoenix!

Loving it so far. It's different from a normal grill. You are not putting the meat on top of open flame. its indirect heat The drip pan catches the grease drips and there is definitely less flare ups. I christened my new grill with grilling up chicken wings which on the old grill was always a hassle if you turned away for a minute it's on fire. With the Phoenix no problems whatsoever. Cooked steakhouse bacon which Id never do on the old one but the Phoenix no sweat and got it nice and crunchy without burning it up. Nice. Was easy enough to put together. Instructions OK. Just follow them in order and before you know it its getting hot. I got the natural gas version. Tired of changing and filling gas tanks. One thing I didn't like is the gate valve that comes with it is made in china. Changed it out to a made in USA valve. MAJOR reason I bought it that its made in USA. Yes I know it costs more to make but I'd sooner help out an American worker whatever it's going to cost. I'm still getting used to the grill. its a different technique using the indirect heat. It gets plenty hot so you can crisp things up, but you won't get the grill marks that you would from a burner. There is a optional side burner for this but Im giving this a test for a couple of months to see if I really need it. The drip pan also serves as a steaming pan. You close the valve and fill the pan with whatever liquid and you get a nice steaming setup. Of course you'll have to clean up the pan if you been greasy cooking but so far so good. Haven't tried to Low and Slow a brisket yet but it's on the list to try out. Cooked ribs at 250 for a couple of hours and they came out great. Still a rookie with the Phoenix, but so far a Big thumbs up. That goes for the staff of BBQ Guys as well.


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Expert Review

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The unique Phoenix is a gas grill with a lot of cooking versatility. This grill is designed for people who want a simple but great cooking experience every time. Phoenix has an innovative cooking system that uses built-in drip pan for indirect cooking. If you’re looking to upgrade from charcoal or an inexpensive gas grill, Phoenix may be worth looking into. Phoenix grills are available on cart or with a patio base, and the cart comes in black or stainless finishes.

Things To Love
Phoenix grills cook food differently from most gas grills. Phoenix utilizes indirect cooking, using a cast aluminum drip pan to shield the food from direct contact with the burners. As you’re cooking, juices from food drip down into the drip pan, sizzling and creating flavorful smoke. Any excess grease is directed into the collector bucket, eliminating flare-ups.

The drip pan also adds cooking versatility to the grill. For example, you can fill the pan with water and steam food or fill it with wood chips and use it as a smoker. Most gas grills don’t offer this kind of versatility, unless you purchase extra add-ons. The best part about this cooking system is it produces great results without the need to constantly watch the food.

Phoenix grills are made from a combination of cast aluminum and stainless steel. Cast aluminum is a good material because of its longevity and rust resistance. Phoenix also has a lifetime warranty on the grill body, and 10 years on burners and drip pan. Overall, Phoenix builds a quality grill with an affordable price.

Things To Consider
Phoenix doesn’t have a lot of grilling power, so you if you like searing steaks or seafood you might be disappointed with the results. The two burners have enough power to cook steak, but they won’t create those restaurant quality sear lines that everyone loves.

The design of this grill is bare-bones. Phoenix doesn’t offer integrated lights, rotisserie, or searing burners. The cooking space is more compact when compared to most other grills in this price range, so if you need the ability to cook a lot of food at once you might want to consider a larger grill.

Primarily a gas grill company, Phoenix doesn’t have a wide range of outdoor kitchen products. If you’re building an outdoor kitchen, I suggest looking at other brands if you’d like matching components.

Overall Rating

3.3 out of5

Questions & Answers (0)

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What are the differences between the base options?
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There are two base options available: black aluminum pedestal with cast iron base or stainless steel pedestal with an aluminized steel base. The stainless steel base should hold up better to the elements over the years. As far as the mounting options available. the "On-Cart" version features for small caster wheels, making easily to maneuver anytime. The "On Patio Base" features no wheels, and is best for a more permanent placement of your grill. The "On Pedestal Cart" features two large rear wheels and pedestal feet for the best of both worlds.

Asked by JBAnswered by A Valued Customer

This question was asked on a different product configuration.


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