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Grill Side Shelves & Tables (47 Items)

BBQ Grill Side Shelves & Tables

In just about any kitchen — nestled indoors in the air-conditioning, or outdoors with the fresh air — counterspace is often a premium. There simply never seems to be enough room to drop off that plate you'll need in 5 minutes, cycle through your rotation of trusty cooking utensils, keep a few spare oils and seasonings within reach, or even leave a few safety necessities in sight. Misplacing necessary items at hand in stressful environments, especially while working with hot surfaces, can certainly be a recipe for disaster. What if there was a better way?

But there is! Look no further than a grill side table or a pair of grill shelves. Stay in the zone, whether that means “peace of mind” or “in front of that grill” to you. In this case, less is more: less broken concentration as you hunt for those tongs you know you just had, less darting back indoors for supplies (and less risk of burning your food), and less frustration for you! With the ample space that a grill shelf on either side of your cooking surface can offer you — or a standalone grill side table, perfect for holding finished sides and entrees — you can spend less time keeping your cool, and more time in that meditative grilling trance.

Well, maybe not too deep a trance. Watch those sausages!

Eager to be your very own cookout champion? Our in-house experts are constantly updating our very own Grillabilities℠ articles, teaching you the skills to grill! Our goal? To take any newcomer from first taste to first place with competition-level execution — and to teach our loyal grill masters out there a few new tricks. Any questions about these products (or anything else we offer)? BBQ specialists are waiting to answer your call — give them a ring at 1-877-743-2269.