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Grill & Smoker Covers (427 Items)

Grill Covers

BBQ Grill covers protect your grill and smoker from the elements. Covers not only protect from rain and snow, but can also prevent excess moisture and humidity from accumulating inside your grill. The delicate wiring and ignition systems will be protected from corrosion and rust. If you’re in a coastal region with high salt content in the air, a grill cover can add an extra layer of protection from corrosion.

Another cause of corrosion can be falling debris like leaves or bird droppings. Fallen leaves have a tendency to stain metal, especially when left unattended for an extended period of time. Even stainless steel can be corroded by the acidity in bird droppings. Grill covers will keep debris off of your grill, preventing staining and deterioration.

At BBQGuys, we know that a grill is an investment. Protect that investment with a BBQ cover and keep your grill looking brand new for many years. We have the largest online selection of branded and generic grill covers, plus charcoal grill covers, kamado grill covers, and smoker covers.

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