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Grill & Smoker Covers (395 Items)

Grill Covers

Summertime. What a time to grill! The kids are home from school, the neighborhood’s in full bloom, and the sun doesn’t start yawning until late in the evening. The warm weather lifestyle — especially when surrounded by friends and family — is perfect for entertaining in the backyard. Life’s good with an open flame and a pair of grill tongs at hand, whether you’re turning kielbasa sausages or spinning a trussed top sirloin roast on the rotisserie. Maybe you’ve even got a cold beer within reach, freshly popped and already beading with condensation. It’s a beautiful moment. Preserving it, and ensuring many more just like this, doesn’t have to be hard. It can start with the centerpiece: the trusted family barbecue grill.

It’s important to take care of that grill. Lucky for you, a BBQ grill cover helps it outlive the next few seasons: the durable material fends off rain, snow, debris, and more. This is even more important if your grill sits under open skies — those raindrops plummet from a literal mile high, determined to corrode that beautiful, shining surface of your stainless steel. Moisture, humidity, fallen leaves, stray fragments and particles… Whether the weather has it out for your grill or not, these elements and others can seriously harm that investment in no time flat: all the more reason to invest in a BBQ cover to protect it.

Need a pellet grill cover? A smoker cover? Even a built-in grill cover? No matter what style or class of grill you have, we’ve got a weatherproof shield to wrap it in. Carrying all brands — Trager grill covers to Weber grill covers and everything between — we can help you defend that investment for a very small fraction of the grill’s initial cost. Protect your barbecue with a BBQ grill cover. Your grill will definitely thank you for it. Your wallet probably will, too.

With that peace of mind, you can look forward to many, many backyard barbecue evenings full of laughter, mirth, and excellent food.