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Grill Drip Pans (21 Items)

BBQ Grill Drip Pans

Drip pan. Grease tray. Grill drip tray. Grease pan.

Whatever you want to call it, a BBQ drip tray collects a whole lot more than names — it’s your first line of defense against your meat’s last line of offense. All those succulent, appetizing dribbles leaking out of your grill’s latest conquest are here to steal your victory in two huge ways. The first? Every juicy, dripping droplet is one more tiny drizzle of flavor slipping outside of your next greatest meal. It’s a little extra moisture daring to sneak out of your food before you can plate your trophy for the family, the friends, or your very own week’s worth of lunches (you lucky dog!). We both know we can’t have that.

For strike two? Prepare to have insult added to injury. The emotional betrayal starts with the aftermath of a grate-top battle well fought — even the most proactive grill masters this side of a ceramic deflector plate can’t stop those beads of grease. The tiny, tasty traitors slowly muck up a perfectly clean grill chamber, making cleanup that much tougher. We all know that right after the burners turn down and the meat rests a few is the calm before the storm; who wants to waste all that valuable juicy tenderness wiping down a grill during prime carnivore time? Especially when you can collect them all up, scrape out the fat, and throw it together later for a simmering stock. Or, if you’re cooking the right meats (poultry and beef for sure, but not so much for pork and lamb), maybe you want to pair it with the meal on the grates: a juicy au jus, or a rich, tasty dipping sauce with some flour or brown sugar, a pinch of seasoning, maybe a drizzle of wine…

But the defiance doesn’t stop there. Proving that, sometimes, the worst insult you can add to injury is simply “more injury,” those fiendish flecks are fuel for a fiery fiasco — flare-ups. Roasting on the grates, your meat would love nothing more than return the favor with a fiery burst; if it can take an eyebrow or give you the world’s cheapest wax job in the process? Your conquest will chalk that up as a win.

Grill drip trays collect that grease, putting down this rebellion before it starts. Sitting just below your food (often on the flame tamers), they collect all those stray drippings, fend off flare-ups at the source, and keep the inside of your grill that much cleaner. We heartily recommend it for every grilling situation where dripping fat is a factor. For even easier results? Invest in a handy pack of drip tray liners, instead of degreasing the grill drip tray. After all — why not spend that time brainstorming your next big cookout instead?

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