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The Magic Lung - A Vent-A-Hood Exclusive

Vent-A-Hood Magic Lung Blower System

In order to increase power, most vent hood companies just get a bigger fan, and that can get pretty noisy. Vent-A-Hood has a patented Magic Lung blower system which uses "multi-blower technology" to increase CFM with very little effect on sound levels.

How quiet is a Vent-A-Hood? The test results shown below were generated at a certified independent industry testing lab. All tests were measured at full speed to demonstrate the most accurate sound rating (other manufacturers may use lower speeds for testing which don't reflect accurate operating sound levels.)


The Magic Lung blower traps cooking odors, liquefies grease vapor and removes hot air. Combining sufficient air pressure & constant speed with centrifugal filtration, this is the most efficient kitchen ventilation available today.


The housing snaps apart for easy cleaning in the dishwasher or with warm, soapy water. Best of all, the Magic Lung is the only ventilation system that collects the grease in the easy-cleaning housing rather than in hard-to-reach areas behind a mesh or baffle.


The constant speed created by centrifugal pressure prevents fire from entering the ductwork. This is the only residential ventilation system on the market that can prevent fire from spreading throughout the rest of the home.


Magic Lung blowers can be configured to provide the power you need for even the most demanding cooking applications. Each Magic Lung blower supplies 300 CFM of air movement, and you can combine multiple blowers in a single Vent-A-Hood to create the perfect ventilation for your kitchen.

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