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Randy Watson
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Randy Watson, Grillmaster

Randy's passion for cooking and entertaining came from his parents. His father in particular always loved grilling and cooking amazing dishes that Randy and his family enjoyed. Randy loved to help his father cook when he was younger, and has learned a lot from him over the years.

Randy's first job was at a local restaurant, which helped grow his passion for cooking. Over the course of 15 years, Randy worked at some of the top restaurants in Baton Rouge. Randy spent 7 years at Ruffino's, a local high-end restaurant, where he was Head Grillmaster for 5 years and cooked amazing cuisine with a Louisiana flare.

Like his father, Randy still loves being outdoors, grilling, and entertaining with friends and family. He has even influenced several of his friends into becoming grill fanatics. They constantly compete with one another to see who can grill the biggest, most epic pieces of meat and other various dishes.

In 2015, Randy joined after falling in love with the products offered and the amazing company culture. Since then, Randy has become an expert on all of the outdoor kitchen products we offer. He constantly uses the grills at our amazing showroom, and has earned the nickname Grillmaster around the office.

Having the best customer service is something and Randy strongly believe in. If there is a particular product review or recipe you want to see, let us know! Check out Randy's videos and articles below, and get your daily dose of BBQ tips, recipes, and more by following him on social media.

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