Meet Grill Master Randy

  • Headshot of Chef Tony Matassa
  • Our bearded BBQ bestie

    Some around here say Randy was born to be our resident Grill Master. It’s not the beard or the ponytail (those definitely help him look the part) — he’s a natural because of his deep passion for cooking and entertaining, which is rooted in a childhood spent helping his parents around the kitchen. Randy’s father in particular frequently grilled for the whole family and anyone else who’d drop by, teaching his son lessons along the way that would one day help him earn the title of BBQGuys Grill Master.

    Before reaching that rank, though, Randy spent 15 years honing his grill skills at some of the best restaurants in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He rose all the way to Head Steak Chef at high-end eatery Ruffino’s, a distinction our bearded barbecue boss held for 5 of his 7 years at the restaurant. But Randy’s repertoire includes far more than searing sirloins — there’s an art to what he does, an eye for presentation that he further cultivated over 3 years with Whole Foods preparing meals that looked as good as they tasted.

  • Yet Randy always gravitated toward the grill, which in 2015 led him to BBQGuys as a member of our customer service team. His friendly demeanor and wealth of product knowledge made him a natural fit for that role… until we realized there was a better one for him. In early 2017, Randy officially joined our team of experts and took on the well-deserved title of Grill Master.

  • Now he spends his time cooking on every kind of grill we carry, both for overview videos and recipes that shine a light on his BBQ brilliance. When it’s a cook day, you can be sure Randy is bringing a plate of whatever he grilled around the office to brighten everyone’s afternoon. His background in grilling is one thing, and we suspect that magnificent beard lends him at least some power over meat, but Randy’s inclusive attitude that embodies the heart of BBQGuys’ mission might be what truly qualifies him to be our Grill Master.

Grill Master Randy's Popular Recipes: