The Skinny:

  • Best looking grill around
  • Top-notch quality
  • Loaded with all the bells and whistles
  • Intense heat output from the burners
  • Outstanding warranty
  • Made in the USA

Things We Love:

If you're looking for the best looking grill on the market, the Fire Magic Echelon Diamond is it. This grill is posh and offers a variety of options with plenty of cooking power to boot. For example, you can select what type of burner setup you want. You can choose cast stainless steel or any combination of infrared and cast stainless burners. Both burners are well designed with the highest quality materials for exceptionally high heat output (Fire Magic burners have a reputation for having intense heat). The cast burners are a unique "E-shape", which means they have more burner ports than typical cast burners which run straight front to back. Inside the grill, heavy-duty perforated stainless steel flavor grids help keep grease away from the burners and the 304-grade stainless steel, trapezoid shaped Diamond Sear cooking grids offer more surface area than traditional round cooking grids. This allows more contact with your food, giving you those highly desired grill marks. Fire Magic also has a terrific "hot surface" ignition which makes lighting the grill a snap. I also like that it has a backup system in case the hot ignition fails, and it's easy to light the grill by placing a lighter near a small tube underneath the cooking grid.

The Echelon Diamond also includes a handy charcoal/smoker basket that fits over a burner, allowing you to cook over charcoal, or to infuse your food with delicious smoky flavor.

This grill has a sleek, 304-grade stainless steel body with polished edges and perfectly placed control knobs. The controls have blue LED backlighting and there’s even a built-in digital thermometer with meat probes for easy monitoring of your BBQ (Echelon Diamond A Series has an analog thermometer). Another optional innovative feature is Fire Magic's exclusive Magic View Window, which is a fog-free window built-in the lid of the grill so you can watch your food as it cooks. Another nice feature Fire Magic includes is a spring-assisted lid for easy opening and closing of the lid.

Fire Magic also has a great line of outdoor kitchen accessories, so you can build a matching outdoor kitchen with Fire Magic components. Echelon’s warranty is admirable and basically what you should expect from a premium gas grill company. Stainless steel components have a lifetime warranty (except for the flavor grids-5 years), infrared burners have five years, and the valves are covered for 15 years. With Fire Magic’s attention to detail and quality construction, we’ve had very few problems with Echelon Diamond over the years and Fire Magic is quick to handle issues when they occur.

Things To Consider:

This grill does so many things well, but you can expect to deal with some flare ups, especially when your grill is loaded down with fatty meats such as burgers, even when cooking down below medium heat.

You'll Like This Grill If:

If you are looking for a high performance grill that is made in America, and not only cooks well but is also so well designed that it is a showpiece in any outdoor kitchen. I also love the new Echelon Black Diamond series. It has all the same great cooking features of the Echelon Diamond in a sleek black look.