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Napoleon TravelQ Portable Grills  (2 Items)

Napoleon Portable Gas Grills

Napoleon has consistently manufactured quality grills and accessories, giving them one of the most recognizable names in the industry. Staying consistent with their respected reputation, they continuously produce some of the most innovative and dependable grills in the industry. Napoleon portable grills offer precision grilling with elegance and style for an affordable price. Since 1976, Napoleon has provided some of the best grilling experiences with dependable, durable grills.

Why We Love Napoleon TravelQ Portable BBQ Grills

Popular name in BBQ – Napoleon started in 1976 as a small steel fabrication business that evolved into a premier grill manufacturing company. They specialize in creating elegant grills that are known for their patented Napoleon sear marks. Napoleon has spent decades perfecting their grills.

Portable Cooking System – The Napoleon portable BBQ collection makes it easy for you to grill on the go. The system can be easily set up in about 10 seconds and uses a standard propane gas cylinder.

Reliable Cooking System – Napoleon portable grills have electronic Jetfire ignition with crossover lighting. Both burners light simultaneously for a reliable start up every time.

All included options – Napoleon portable grills come with removable porcelain-coated cast iron wave cooking grids, electronic Jetfire ignition with crossover lighting, dual stainless-steel burners, and an Accu-Probe temperature gauge is built into the lid.

Napoleon TravelQ Models

The Napoleon TravelQ models are a great option for camping or tailgating because they’re very compact and can be fueled by a portable propane cylinder. Some TravelQ models offer integrated side shelves to provide valuable prep space while grilling. The TravelQ also has an optional scissor cart with large wheels that can be set up in 10 seconds. This makes transportation and storage a breeze. Grilling has never been easier!

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