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Built-In Electric Grills (8 Items)

Built-in Electric Grills

Open flames often aren’t allowed in places like condominiums or apartment complexes, but that doesn’t mean the people who live there can’t enjoy the simple pleasure of grilling! Built-in electric grills are usually the only outdoor cooking option in these situations, though you should still be sure to check your local codes or ask your landlord before using any grill at a condo or apartment. If you’re cleared to cook on a drop-in electric grill on the property, you might find there’s a lot to love about it!

Outdoor kitchen electric grills heat up very quickly because you don’t need to build a fire, and their reliance on electricity instead of fume-releasing fuels that also produce ash make them environmentally friendly. Speaking of electricity, it’s hard to beat the convenience of simply plugging a grill into a proper outlet. No plumbing for natural gas or running out to purchase propane required! These models will also remain at the desired temperature — unlike charcoal or wood fires that need frequent attention — while still achieving flavors found on traditional grills.

Try a marine-grade electric grill from Kenyon, which even produces models that are safe for indoor use! For help deciding which drop-in electric grill best fits your needs, call one of our experts today at 1-877-743-2269.