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Offset Smokers (6 Items)

Offset Smokers: What to Look For

Offset smokers get their name from the firebox located to the side of the main smoking chamber. The charcoal and/or wood burns inside of the firebox, generating smoke and heat. The smoke and heat move through to the cooking chamber, indirectly cooking your food. regulate your temperature by opening or closing the vents located on the side of the firebox and at the top of the smoking chamber. Fire needs oxygen to burn, so the bigger the opening on the vent, the more air is available and the hotter the fire will get.

Smoking = Flavor

These smokers are perfect for those who are looking for a really rich, smoky flavor in their foods. Most of these models can use a combination of wood and charcoal or one or the other, depending on your preferences. For a varied flavor profile, you can add wood chips or chunks. There are many varieties to choose from. Apple and cherry wood chips are great for pork, ribs and chicken. Try hickory and pecan wood chips - they’re perfect for smoking pork, ribs and beef. Be sure to check out our list of the Best Offset Charcoal Smokers to find the models that are excellent at retaining smoke and heat for delicious flavors.

Smoking for a Crowd

Offset BBQ Smokers are great for cooking for larger groups of people. They have a larger cooking surface than most vertical smokers - some larger smokers can range up to 1100 square inches of main cooking surface! If you don’t normally cook for a large group of people but still want an offset smoker, no problem. We have offset smokers designed for smaller groups with 625 square inches of cooking surface. The firebox on some smokers can also be used to cook your food on. Inside the firebox of some offset smokers you will find a cooking grid and plate underneath that you can cook on or you can cook directly over the coals by removing the plate.

Offset Smoker Styles

You have the option of built-in or freestanding configurations in these smokers. If you want to include a built-in offset smoker into an island on your patio or outdoor area, you can. If you like the option of a more portable smoker that you could take tailgating, the freestanding offset smoker is the way to go.