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Pellet Grill & Smoker Gifts (57 Items)

Pellet Grill Gifts

Pellet grills have enjoyed a rise in popularity in recent years, so you or somebody you know might have one of these easy-to-use pits. Treat them or yourself to an enhanced grilling experience with pellet grill gifts! A great place to start is with the pellets themselves, which come in a variety of flavors and are great for grillers who like to experiment. You need to store them somewhere, though, so steel storage containers that keep pellets fresh and dry can also be perfect gifts for pellet grillers. If you find that cleanup is often a hassle, try tray and bucket liners to catch drippings and debris so your pellet grill can stay looking brand new.

For the expert pellet grilling enthusiast, check out the Traeger Cold Smoker attachment. This handy accessory attaches to many Traeger models and can reach temperatures as low as 70-100 degrees Fahrenheit for smoking fish, cheese, and nuts, making it one of the more versatile pellet grilling gifts out there. Another option for cold-smoking is the Louisiana Grills Cold Smoke cabinet, which can be installed into the Country or LG Series grill for 1,396 square inches of smoking space.

The Camp Chef Sidekick Side Burner — an add-on for most Camp Chef smokers that comes with a detachable griddle —is one of the best gifts for pellet grillers regardless of skill level. If more storage or prep space is a priority for you, a simple side or bottom shelf can open up your grilling possibilities. No matter what pellet grilling gifts you’re looking for, BBQGuys® can help!