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BBQ Grill Cleaners

Once you’ve built your beautiful dream kitchen, it’s time to defend it.

While a nylon or fabric covering will protect your beautiful grill from the environment (and you should absolutely invest in one), you can’t exactly keep it on while tossing a basketful of fat, salty shrimp or flipping your butcher’s latest prime ribeyes. So what if the hood’s open and your flame tamers are hot? That doesn’t mean the defense has to stop. There’s a grill cleaner spray out there that’ll cover everything else — the grease, the grime, and the roaring good time.

Routine maintenance with a great gas grill cleaner will keep that stainless steel looking showroom-level pristine for ages to come. Cleaning, polishing, and protecting exterior surfaces is easy with an industrial-strength, food-safe formula specifically designed for cutting grease and restoring that beautiful sparkle. Rest assured that our grill cleaner sprays are food-safe, biodegradable, and carefully chosen to keep that metallic sheen nice and clean — which means you can spend less time fretting, and more time whetting (your appetite, that is).

Should you need something on the inside of your grill (or capable of tougher jobs) …

Stainless Steel Scratch Repair

Sometimes, you’ll need to call out the big guns. There’s something out there for even the dirtiest grill, such as a stainless steel repair kit. When that gorgeous grill of yours stands tarnished in the trenches with blemishes, abrasions, stains, scratches, heat scorch marks, rust, and burnt-on carbon grease and film, our experts highly recommend something like Barry’s BBQ Rescue Kit. Invented by US national monument restorer Barry Feinman, one of the world’s foremost surface restoration experts, the BBQ Grill Rescue Kit can be used inside or out — and it’ll go further to solve those stubborn jobs, inside and out.

Eager to be your very own cookout champion? Our in-house experts are constantly updating our very own Grillabilities℠ articles, teaching you the skills to grill! Our goal? To take any newcomer from first taste to first place with competition-level execution — and to teach our loyal grill masters out there a few new tricks. Any questions about these products (or anything else we offer)? BBQ specialists are waiting to answer your call — give them a ring at 1-877-743-2269.