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Outdoor Woks & Accessories (11 Items)

Outdoor Grill Woks

Turn that rewarding Friday into a thrilling Stir-Fryday with one easy step: adding a BBQ wok!

The humble outdoor cooking wok might be synonymous with family-sized helpings of sesame chicken and pork-fried rice, but that's nowhere near enough credit. Whip up 4–6 burger patties and grill them fanned out — in the center, a pile of caramelized onions or sliced mushrooms will soak up all those tasty drippings. Mussels! Great in large pots; better with the sloped sides of a BBQ wok. Try frying dredged or battered shrimp and asparagus in a wok, where you'll use less frying oil because geometry is awesome (sometimes; let's not get too ahead of ourselves). With a few inches of water and your regular collapsible pot steamer, your wok just became a mean, steaming machine for fish and vegetables. Turns out, there's a reason for those high-fire spectacles you'll see in Asian restaurants — wok hei, or "breath of the wok." Rapidly stirring and tossing ingredients with a plain, non-coated wok in constant contact with open flames (stainless steel and cast iron are great for this) imparts a special, light smoky flavor achievable no other way. As you can tell, many tend to overlook the beautifully simple BBQ wok, but it truly does everything from popping fresh, smoky popcorn to hot, juicy burgers — with even juicier mushrooms and onions.

Sure, you might talk the talk in your outdoor kitchen... But can you wok the wok? Or is that too tong-in-cheek?

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