The Skinny:

  • Cooks pizza in less than five minutes
  • Made of durable 304 stainless steel
  • Wood-fired fuel adds flavor

Things We Love:

Wide Variety of Sizes Available to Fit Your Needs

No matter the design of your outdoor kitchen, there’s a Tuscan Chef pizza oven for you. They’re available in four different sizes across five models, starting with the 27-inch GX-CM pizza oven and GX-C2 pizza oven pizza oven. Both ovens have the space and versatility to fit two 18-inch pizzas or a 20-pound turkey, making them great additions to your outdoor space.

You can fit the same amount of food in the GX-B1 pizza oven, a 34-inch model that comes on a cart with a shelf and caster wheels for portability and storage. This durable unit also arrives mostly assembled to save you time and money. If you normally cook for large crowds, try the 46-inch GX-D1 pizza oven or the 47-inch GX-DL pizza oven, which can both hold three 18-inch pizzas or two 20-pound turkeys.

Wood-fired Oven Gives You a Traditional Italian Flare

Authentic flavor matters most when it comes to pizza ovens, and Tuscan Chef models provide plenty of it by using the centuries-old tradition of wood-burning fuel. These pizza ovens feature dual chambers for food and fire, with the top area holding pizza trays and other cookware on its ceramic stone or removable, stainless steel shelf. The bottom chamber, meanwhile, houses firewood and has a front-facing damper that can be used to lower the heat. With this configuration, you can add firewood to your oven without interrupting the cooking process.

Excellent Heat Retention Cooks Food Evenly

Tuscan Chef designed its pizza ovens to retain heat at a high level for even cooks and delicious results. The oven interior is constructed with silicone insulation and firebrick, which allow the oven to quickly reach desired temperatures so you can cook on a whim or simply save time. Additionally, the two-chamber system found in these pizza ovens not only separates your food from the fuel, but also allows smoke to escape through the side vents and chimney. It all comes together to create mouth-watering pizzas the whole family can enjoy!

Add Smoky Flavors to More than Pizza

Why should pizza be the only food that gets infused with tasty smokiness? With Tuscan Chef, it doesn’t have to be! These pizza ovens have the versatility to roast, bake, or broil just about anything, and you can add flavored wood chips to the firebox for an extra pinch of smoky flavor. Trying new recipes or just experimenting with different foods has never been more fun!

Things To Consider:

Before first use, Tuscan Chef pizza ovens must go through a curing process. Simply heat the oven between 450 and 500 degrees Fahrenheit and leave the doors open for at least one hour. No accessories are included with these ovens, but BBQGuys® has a full selection of pizza oven accessories to get you started. Keep in mind that Tuscan Chef pizza ovens carry a two-year warranty. For additional help deciding if a Tuscan Chef model is right for you, call one of our experts today at 1-877-743-2269.