The Skinny:

  • Sleek aesthetic blends into any just about any outdoor space
  • Uses radiant infrared heat to warm people and objects instead of surrounding air
  • Built with corrosion-resistant materials
  • Can be mounted to a wall or ceiling
  • UL-certified for both indoor and outdoor use

Things We Love:

Infratech Slimline Series electric heaters provide lasting warmth while adding an attractive design element to your outdoor space. In fact, their sleek frames manage to combine durability and style — the anodized aluminum outer shell won’t rust over time but is still modern enough to fit right into most outdoor setups. These models are even compatible with smart devices like Amazon Alexa, putting you in complete control of your outdoor heating options.

Hidden Comfort

While some patio heaters stick out like a sore thumb, Slimline Series models have a subtle design that helps them blend into a space’s décor. They accomplish this thanks to their narrow profile and minimal clearance from combustible materials, which allows you to place them just about anywhere. You can even pair the thin, clean silhouette of Slimline Series heaters with a black, bronze, or silver finish to make it really pop or fade into the background of your outdoor area depending on your needs. Throw in a pleasing orange glow instead of harsh white light, and you’ve got a patio heater that’s as beautiful as it is effective.

Efficient & Clean

Speaking of effectiveness, the Slimline Series makes it clear why Infratech has been a leader in electric infrared and radiant heat technologies for more than half a decade. These units convert the vast majority of their energy input into radiant heat with little waste of electricity, and this efficiency lessens the cost of operation over time.

Additionally, the properties of infrared radiation make Slimline Series models much more resistant to wind than traditional outdoor heaters. By warming objects or people in their path rather than just nearby air, radiant waves maintain all their heat as they move through space. The result is longer, more meaningful warmth spread deeper into open areas.

Slimline Series heaters achieve this while still meeting demanding environmental standards. These American-made units are built entirely from recyclable materials to reduce electronic waste, and they run without producing any greenhouse emissions, odors, or ultraviolet light.

Customizable Mounting & Heating Options

One of our favorite features of these patio heaters is that they can be mounted on either a wall or ceiling at any angle you need to properly heat your space. Along with the small clearance requirements, this enables you to easily tuck them away out of sight. Just be sure that the radiant heat has a clear path to the areas where you need it most.

The Slimline Series is also UL-listed for indoor or outdoor use and has no ventilation requirements because it’s fueled by electricity and creates no emissions. With the highly efficient single quartz element, you’ll receive up to 5,000 hours of heat before needing a replacement. Infratech even puts you in total command of your unit with many different configurations of control switch mechanisms and remote controls so your heating needs are met.

Things We Love:

Depending on how much heat you require, Slimline Series heaters may need to be hardwired into a dedicated circuit. You should always consult a professional electrician for installation of these models. If you’re unsure how many of these Infratech heaters will get the job done in your space, visit our Free Outdoor Living Design Service. Our heating experts are also standing by at 1-877-743-2269 to help you with any of questions you may have about Slimline Series patio heaters.