• Weatherized TVs Expert Review
    Excellent  4.2
    The Skinny:
    • All models are hydrophobically treated to block out moisture, and some have weatherproof wrapping
    • 4K processors are calibrated for crystal-clear outdoor viewing either in full sun or under a patio
    • High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging displays a wide color range with desirable contrast
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  • Seura Outdoor TVs Expert Review
    Very Good  3.9
    The Skinny:
    • Durably built from the ground up with proprietary, weatherproof designs for outdoor use
    • Brightest-in-class LED screens produce crisp, clear images visible in any weather
    • 4K UHD and HDR technology bring exquisite clarity and vivid colors to your backyard
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  • SunBriteTV Signature 2 Series Expert Review
    Good  3.4
    The Skinny:
    • Protected from extreme heat and cold, humidity and salt water
    • Durable protective enclosure is impact-resistant
    • Ideal for partially sunny areas such as patios or decks
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  • SunBriteTV Veranda Series Expert Review
    Good  3
    The Skinny:
    • Completely weatherproof and able to withstand extreme temperatures
    • 4K HDR Screen provides a better, brighter picture
    • Full-shade compatibility is ideal for covered patios
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