The Skinny:

  • Absolutely the most versatile, innovative kamado grill
  • Made in the USA
  • Generous grilling space
  • Tons of accessories
  • One of a kind kamado

Things We Love:

First off, I love that all Primo grills are made in the USA. They're made over in Atlanta, GA, where they've been made ever since the company started in 1996. The capabilities of Primo oval ceramic kamados are impressive. With their cooking grates that are reversible to allow cooking close to the coals for searing, or further away for convection cooking, they are versatile right out of the box. The grates are also split down the middle so you can raise the grids on one side and keep the other side lower. This allows you to have different temperature zones on the same grill. When used in combination with the grill extender racks (sold separately), these grills have more cooking area than any other kamado. If you're already familiar with ceramic grills, you know they are usually round. Primo is known for their oval models that allow more room for racks of ribs, brisket, and all sorts of other BBQ. These innovative kamados are also built using premium ceramics and protected by a scratch-resistant glaze.

For even more versatility, there's a firebox divider add-on which gives you direct and indirect cooking at the same time (in our experience, Primo does this better than all other brands). You can gather your coals on one side and grill at higher temperatures, then move food over to the opposite side so it can soak up all that mouth watering smoky BBQ flavor. Or, add-on a drip pan rack & heat deflector plate to completely shield your food from the coals and get that true slow smoking ability. These are split down the middle as well so you can set them up on one side only if you like for even more versatility!

Another feature I love is the interior lid height of Primo grills which comes in very handy when cooking beer butt chicken or turkey. And since it's oval, you can cook more than one at a time! Other kamados with shorter lids often rub the top of the birds and some are really too short to allow you to do it at all. Primo also has the largest portable ceramic grill available, known as the Primo Go. It’s perfect for tailgating, camping, or any time you need to grill on the go. For those that want a great grilling package right out of the box, Primo offers their All-In-One series in 4 sizes, and it comes with a wheeled cradle, side shelves, ash tool, and grate lifter. Primo does make a round grill also, for a more affordable option.

I love that Primo backs their kamados with a limited lifetime warranty backed by a twenty (20) year guarantee on all ceramic parts, regardless of how your state determines the meaning of "lifetime".

Things To Consider:

Although Primo’s round grill is more affordable, it, like most other kamados on the market, lacks the versatility of the Primo oval models. Something else to consider is that Primo’s cooking grates are not stainless steel, but instead are porcelain coated steel. These grates are actually nice from a non stick cooking perspective. However, should you ever scratch off the coating, exposing the steel underneath, you'll need to keep it seasoned with oil like you would cast iron for added protection against rusting.

You'll Like This Grill If:

If you want a well-built, American made kamado that is second to none when it comes to cooking versatility and is backed by a strong warranty.