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  • Our Story
    • Our Story
    • When we entered the meat-delivery game, we made a promise to ourselves — and to you — that we’d always put flavor first. That means partnering with the finest farms and fisheries across America to provide the highest-quality meat, no exceptions. Our offerings are treated with the respect they deserve at every step of the process, from the forward-thinking farmers and ranchers interacting with thoughtfully raised livestock every day to the expert butchers who hand-select each cut in line with the strictest standards. In the end, only the best-tasting meat makes it to your table — because doing right by you is what we do best.

      But how do we quantify flavor? It may seem subjective, but there are proven methods for cultivating superior taste. While others might compromise here and there, we double down on every process to ensure each bite is bursting with undeniably delicious flavor.

      It all starts with the meat itself. We source only the top breeds and percentage of meat based on strict grading specifications; what others consider “reserve” or “special” is the foundation of our entire selection. The meat is then passed to our experienced butchers — if it’s steak, it’s first aged 28 days for optimal tenderness, juiciness, and flavor — who meticulously hand-pick only the premium cuts (sound familiar?). When your meat is at its freshest and most tender, it’s immediately vacuum-sealed and flash-frozen to preserve those mouthwatering qualities. From there, your product is securely packaged with dry ice and insulative materials before being promptly shipped to your home. Everything happens under one roof, unlike other services that may move meat from a cutting facility to a freezer and from a freezer to a warehouse, compromising quality in the process.

      Need more proof that Taste is Our Territory? We’ll let the meat handle the rest.

    • USA Premium Cuts: Taste is Our Territory
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The BBQGuys USA Premium Cuts Difference

  • USA Premium Cuts offers only high quality meats

    High Quality

    Our luxury standards ensure only the top percentage of meat makes it to your table. For beef, we don’t even consider anything less than Prime or Top Choice, meaning modest or moderate marbling is the absolute minimum. Every chicken is of an heirloom breed, while our Berkshire Kurobuta pork is held in the same regard as Wagyu beef.

  • USA Premium Cuts meats are hand selected by skilled butchers


    Skilled butchers personally pick each piece of meat so you receive the ideal cut every time. While traditional retailers sell cost-effective cuts and end pieces, our premium offerings — like center-cut strips and tenderloin — meet restaurant-quality specifications. A better cut equals more flavorful meat and nothing left to chance.

  • USA Premium Cuts meats are sourced from American farms only


    Every dollar you spend supports real people on real ranches and farms, keeping a vital American industry thriving. It’s our privilege to partner with hard-working farmers and ranchers, such as our friends at the multi-generational Diestel Family Ranch, who value doing things the right way and care about quality as much as we do.

  • USA Premium Cuts meats are generously portioned

    Plentifully Portioned

    Life’s too short for 10-ounce steaks. That’s what we’ve all come to expect from chain restaurants and retailers these days, but who wants to leave the table feeling half-full? Not us, and certainly not you. Our meat is always generously portioned, from whopping 16-ounce ribeyes to ½-pound burgers that help you go big on the grill.

  • USA Premium Cuts meats are aged to perfection where appropriate

    Aged to Perfection

    Though aging practices vary among retailers and restaurants, our steaks are always aged for 28 days. This process allows natural enzymes to tenderize the beef, resulting in a superior cut. Many competitors age steaks for 21 days at most, but we’re willing to go an extra week to reach the peak of tenderness, juiciness, and flavor.

  • All USA Premium Cuts Meat is flash-frozen and vacuum-sealed for freshness

    Vacuum-Sealed & Flash-Frozen

    Once meat has been cut (and, in steak’s case, aged), it must be preserved at the peak of tenderness. Each cut is vacuum-sealed to lock in juices, then immediately transferred to a -20°F freezer. This guarantees maximum shelf life, protection, and flavor preservation — because juice lost equals flavor lost, and flavor matters most.

  • Our animals are thoughtfully raised in the United States

    Thoughtfully Raised

    We’re proud to source our meat products from farmers and ranchers who prioritize animal welfare from birth to harvest. The Global Animal Partnership has certified our chicken, pork, and turkey producers for compliance with rigorous welfare standards. Our beef products, meanwhile, come from only USDA-regulated farms and facilities.

  • USA Premium Cuts puts flavor first


    From sourcing and selecting to portioning and preparing, we strive to honor our promise to always put flavor first. It’s a lofty goal in a changing industry, but we welcome the challenge if it means putting better food on your table. Like a rancher reverently looking out over their land, we never forget that Taste is Our Territory.

  • Beef, Bison, & Wagyu Burger  Battle Box Challenge Sampler

    Battle Boxes

    Not sure whether you’d prefer a ribeye or a filet? A bison burger or a Wagyu patty? Then you might be interested in our Battle Boxes, which pit similar cuts of meat against each other so you can make those difficult decisions once and for all — and discover some new favorites in the process! These curated taste tests and grilling challenges are meant to broaden your horizons and serve as a fun experience for everyone at the next cookout. With Chef Tony as your guide, you’ll master each set of Battle Box recipes and follow his lead sharing blind taste tests with hungry guests. Once you’ve picked your winner, let us know and invite your friends to take the Battle Box challenge! Oh, and don’t forget to always be on the lookout for more boxes.

  • USA Premium Cuts is sourced responsibly in the USA

    Responsible Sourcing

    We never thought twice about sourcing strictly American-raised meat. But partnering with small, independent, often family-run farms focused on stewardship of livestock and land? Now that’s something we take great pride in. Take for example Pitman Family Farms, a supplier of Mary’s Chicken and other poultry products currently under the care of third-generation farmers. Diestel Family Ranch also comes to mind as one of our favorite multi-generational poultry producers. For responsibly sourced pork, we work closely with True Story Foods, which oversees a network of family hog farmers who prioritize humane and sustainable methods. Efforts like theirs have earned highly sought-after GAP certifications for animal welfare — as if we couldn’t be any more proud.

  • Flash-Frozen, Vacuum-Sealed Steak

    Shipping & Packaging

    All meat products remain frozen at our facility — which has received an A-rating in food safety from the British Retail Consortium for nearly a decade running — until the exact moment they’re packed and shipped. To ensure they remain in the proper temperature zone during transit, our products are placed in the highest-quality Styrofoam containers and topped with dry ice. All orders ship within 1–3 days of purchase, and the amount of dry ice included in the packaging varies based on expected delivery time. We don’t require a signature at the time of delivery, but we strongly recommend having someone at home to accept it; the longer your package sits on your doorstep, the greater the chance it may spoil before being transferred to the freezer or refrigerator.